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2017 Scorecards
Lakewood, 19Apr
Lakewood, 18Apr
Lakewood, 17Apr
Lakewood, 16Apr
Grand Bear, 13Apr
Lakewood, 13Apr
Hidden Creek, 12Apr
Lakewood, 12Apr
Lakewood, 11Apr
Marcus Point, 11Apr
Lakewood, 10Apr
Hidden Creek, 10Apr
Rock Creek, 09Apr
Lakewood, 06Apr
Lakewood, 05Apr
Lakewood, 04Apr
Lakewood, 03Apr
Lakewood, 02Apr
Lakewood, 30Mar
Lakewood, 28Mar
Lakewood, 27Mar
Lakewood, 26Mar
Lakewood, 23Mar
Lakewood, 22Mar
English Turn, 21Mar
Lakewood, 20Mar
Lakewood, 19Mar
Lakewood, 15Mar
Lakewood, 14Mar
Lakewood, 13Mar
Lakewood, 09Mar
Lakewood, 08Mar
Lakewood, 07Mar
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2018 eMail Matchplay Invitational
who is the best eMail Matchplayer

April and May
a Double Elimination Match Play Event

Dave Herman "Babe" Garwood Invitational
a stroke play Tournaent

Apr 7 through Apr 27, Example Prizes/Entry Fees

Dennis "the Menace" Challenge, a stroke play Tournaent
Mar 24 through Apr 6, Results are FINAL!
1st: Tommy(SCP), 2nd: Dennis, 3rd: Reeves(SCP), 4th: George, 5th: Razz
Example Prizes/Entry Fees

George is Popeye, as in Geroge is Popeye
Mar 9 through Mar 23
1st: George, 2nd: Bruce, 3rd: new Jerry, 4th: eMail

2018 GGA Matchplay Championship
eMail is the best Matchplay golfer

Razz is runner up, Bruce is Champion Loser
play ended March 24

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Handicaps, as of April 7

* Key to understanding Tournament Standings

* Key to understanding Final Standings

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