GGA Web honors its first Hall of Fame Member

Bill Leach

Bill is the gentlest of Gentlemen.

Bill is a friend, a good friend in deed.

Bill is a golfer. And if you know Bill as a golfer, you know he wants to win. If he couldn't defeat you with his score, he would defeat you with compliments to your game.

Below is one of my Bill stories. Do you have a Bill story to share?

So it was ...
On a day ...

Bill and I were in a hotly contested Match Play round at Lakewood. All square after 17 holes. Onto the 18th green, putting first, I made a 20 footer for par. Bill had a 17 foot putt for par. Which, in my mind would be a two-putt bogie, less his stroke, match remains all square moving to the 19th hole. How long will it take for you to guess if Bill makes his par putt to win our match one up?

The smile Bill displayed after making his par putt is a face of Bill I will never forget.
I love you Bill.

October 11, 2017 with many of his friends on the occasion of one of Bill's many Holes in One

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