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2017 Scorecards
Lakewood, 17Nov
Lakewood, 16Nov
Lakewood, 15Nov
Lakewood, 14Nov
Lakewood, 13Nov
Lakewood, 10Nov
Lakewood, 08Nov
Lakewood, 07Nov
Lakewood, 06Nov
Lakewood, 04Nov
Lakewood, 03Nov
Lakewood, 02Nov
Lakewood, 01Nov
Lakewood, 31Oct
Lakewood, 30Oct
Lakewood, 27Oct
Lakewood, 26Oct
Lakewood, 25Oct
Lakewood, 24Oct
Lakewood, 23Oct
Lakewood, 09Oct
Lakewood, 06Oct
Lakewood, 05Oct
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2017 Race for the FedUP Cup
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2nd FedUP Cup Playoff, The GNW
Nov 11 through Nov 24, 2017 - Projected Standings

1st FedUP Cup Playoff, The Northern Trust
Oct 28 through Nov 10, 2017 - are not yet final -- 1st: Leon, 2nd: Razz, 2nd: Jim Himel, 4th: Ron
$10 $Million $Bucks, winner take all

Tommy + Stevie, benefiting old, tired footballers
Sep 23 through Oct 6, 2017
1st: Reeves, 2nd: Jim Himel, 3rd Ron, 4th Tommy

26th Annual North Invitational at LakeGeorgeWood
Sep 9 through Sep 22, 2017
1st: Reeves, 2nd: Steve, 3rd Razz, tie for 4th Leon and Ron

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FedUP Cup Handicaps starting Nov.11'17'

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