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2017 Scorecards
Lakewood, 15Aug
Lakewood, 14Aug
Lakewood, 13Aug
Lakewood, 10Aug
Lakewood, 08Aug
Lakewood, 07Aug
Lakewood, 06Aug
Lakewood, 03Aug
Lakewood, 02Aug
Lakewood, 01Aug
Lakewood, 30Jul
Lakewood, 28Jul
Lakewood, 27Jul
Lakewood, 26Jul
Lakewood, 25Jul
Lakewood, 24Jul
Lakewood, 23Jul
Lakewood, 21Jul
Lakewood, 20Jul
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2018 Race for the FedUP Cup
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2018 Ryder Cup Championships
a Match Play Event

August 1 through Augus 31,
2018 Bruce-a-Nator Elimination MatchPlay
Who will be the only unEliminated Player

a Double Elimination Match Play Event
June, July and August

The Tour Championship
a stroke play Tournaent

June 23 through July 6, Results are FINAL!
1st: Leon, 2nd: ALgebra, 3rd: Dennis
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Ryder Cup Handicaps, as of July 1

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Leon is 2018 FedUP CUP Champion George Nroth