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What's New With NCSA Mosaic and the WWW

This document covers recent changes and additions to the universe of information available to Mosaic and the World Wide Web . Please follow these guidelines when sending announcements to whats-new@ncsa.uiuc.edu.

The entire archive of NCSA What's New pages is searchable via CUI's W3 Catalog .

For NCSA Mosaic news, see the new NCSA Mosaic Announcements document.

Details on the Second International WWW Conference '94: Mosaic and the Web

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October 21, 1994 An easy-to-use forms-based HTML editor, Easy HTML, is now available. Nothing to install - Easy HTML works over the Web - so start writing HTML documents immediately. Easy HTML is developed in conjunction with the NSF Mosaic Deployment project. October 20, 1994 The White House is pleased to announce the introduction of Welcome to the White House: An Interactive Citizens' Handbook. This new service has four principal functions: 1. It allows users to link to all online resources made available by US government agencies, as well as a subject index to government information and other ways of finding it. All Cabinet-level agencies are providing public information this way, as well as most of the independent agencies and commissions. 2. It lets people view electronic photo albums, some of which include audio segments. Examples include highlights of the President's first year and a half in office, the inaugural celebration, and virtual tours of the White House and the Old Executive Office Building. 3. It provides an enhanced interface for sending electronic mail to the President and Vice President, which improves the handling and analysis of e-mail. 4. It indexes all White House publications so that finding and retrieving documents is made easier. Stewart Dickson announces Mathart.com: documentation of visualization of computer-rendered abstraction (see: LEONARDO, Volume 25, numbers 3 & 4, 1992, Visual Mathematics; "Plastic Math", Science News, Volume 140, No. 5, pp. 72-73, August 3, 1991) and Mathart's higher-availability mirror site, courtesy of Wolfram Research, Inc. The Learning Resource Server at the College of Education of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign provides electronic learning resources for K-12 teachers and students, pre-service teachers, education faculty members and educational researchers. The Automatrix Web server is now available. It offers presence on the Internet for companies who want to promote their products and services. The server also hosts the Internet Conference Calendar, a concise listing of conferences, workshops, exhibitions and seminars related to the Internet, and an information server about Volkswagen vans. The Burlington Coat Factory Warehouse Home Page is finally available for browsing. The School of Aeronautics at Florida Institute of Technology is now airborne. A new WWW server is up at the Department for Theoretical Physics at the Technical University of Vienna, Austria. The main purpose is to present recent scientific results (mainly condensed matter theory and computational physics), common teaching activities and also some fun things. The Software Engineering Research Centre (SERC), located in the Netherlands, is pleased to announce the opening of their WWW server. SERC is a platform for applied scientific research in the area of software-engineering. The existence of SERC is one the one hand motivated by the immediate existing and potential demand for independent and bjective research on software-engineering in the market and on the other hand by the available means for fundamental research in the academic world. RealTech Systems Corporation, based in the Empire State Building, is pleased to announce the Networking Resources Directory, a list of LAN and WAN resources on the Internet. RealTech provides corporate Internet consulting and marketing services, specializing in firewall and information server design and integration. For more information, call 212.695.7100, or send mail to info@realtech.com. Jupiter Communications is a leading new-media research, publishing and consulting firm located in New York City's Soho district. Its publications include Interactive Content, covering the commercial online services; Consumer Information Appliance, an exhaustive look at the convergence of technologies in smart devices; and Learning on Demand, covering educational applications in the home. Jupiter's annual conferences include The Consumer Online Services Conference, The Online Developers Conference, Defining the Electronic Consumer, and Consumer Information Appliance. AT&T invites you to enter the youwill.com Sweepstakes! Have you ever had the chance to win a trip for you and a friend to experience an interactive simulator adventure ride at an exclusive location? ...have you ever had the chance to view some of the innovations that AT&T will bring you in the near future? ... YOU WILL, once you enter youwill.com. See how AT&T technologies may be used in the future to make your lives easier or to take a look at AT&T's products available today. Let On Ramp, Inc. put you in the fast lane of commercial traffic on the Infobahn. With over 35,000 accesses a day, On Ramp's Metaverse is a hotspot for net surfers and cybernauts looking to catch the vibe. They will custom design your own domain and strategically place links throughout cyberspace to ensure a high profile for your company. On Ramp holds the key to successful marketing, advertising, and promotions on the Internet. Cornish & Carey Residential Real Estate bring their weekly open home listings to the world-wide web. Cornish & Carey cover California's San Mateo and Santa Clara County -- the Silicon Valley. Also available and updated weekly: properties presented by appointment. Selections from the DAVENPORT SAMPLER coffee table book series are now available. They include many popular narratives and views. There are also links to an experimental locator for missing friends and others "Lost in America." If you know where they are, tell them to call. An illuminated home page from the Concordia University dept of Journalism. Fnord. The ACCOUNTANCY Department, University of Aberdeen is now on the Web. IPC Technologies, a leading-edge client/server consulting firm based in Richmond, Virginia, announces its Web server. It includes an online Jobs Offered database, the JobWeb, a listing of excellent job opportunities for computer professionals. The JobWeb is maintained by IPC's recruiting department and updated daily. Strain Invariants and Dislocation Core Structure of Simulated B2 NiAl , the WWW component of Kevin Ternes' (jkternes@vt.edu ) master's thesis in Materials Science and Scientific Visualization at Virginia Tech is now available with GIFs and MPEGs. The Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Information Server is now available. The SEI is a federally funded research and development center operated since 1984 by Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA, and is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Defense through the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA). The SEI objective is to provide leadership in software engineering and in the transition of new software engineering technology into practice. The SEI Information Server provides: 1. Information about the SEI and its activities to improve the state of practice of software engineering 2. Information about the ongoing research efforts of the ARPA Software and Intelligent Systems Technology Office (SISTO) 3. An index of information relating to numerous software and computing topics 4. Pointers to many other Internet resources Mount Allison University is pleased to announce the official opening of its WWW Server. The highlights include, A Tour of Campus for interested students, two Exhibitions of Mt. Allison Fine Arts students' work of 1993-94, the 1994-95 Performing Arts Series, and a selection of Academic Department Information. Comments can be sent via Forms to the WWW Manager. The University of Nevada Las Vegas would like announce information releated to SCUBA Diving: SCUBA Information (at UNLV); the Internet Dive Computer Review lists features and provides reviews for many diving related computers. The link Lake Mead National Recreational Area includes camping and fishing regulations, dive spots and conditions. Visit OKbridge to learn about playing bridge on the Internet. Play duplicate bridge in real time, with real people. A WWW page on Batch Queueing Systems is now available. The page describes the different systems available at archive sites on the internet. Descriptions are taken from README's and other documents; the main page has links to the systems' locations. Questions and Comments to Scott Presnell (srp@zgi.com). The Space Very Long Baseline Interferometry (Space VLBI) Project at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory is pleased to announce the release of its home page. This project supports the VSOP (VLBI Space Observatory Programme) mission led by the Institute of Space and Astronautical Science in Japan, and the RadioAstron mission led by the Astro Space Center of the Lebedev Physical Institute in Russia. VSOP is scheduled for launch in September 1996, while RadioAstron is scheduled for launch in 1997. Each mission involves an orbiting 8-10 meter radio telescope dedicated to astronomical radio interferometry experiments using baselines formed between the spacecraft and a number of ground radio telescopes. A variety of information is now on line, describing the JPL Project, each of the space missions, and the science goals of the missions. The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of the Democritus University of Thrace in Xanthi, Greece, would like to announce its home page, where, among others, there is information about the current cultural events taking place in the area of Thrace. Global-X-Change Communications Inc. in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, is pleased to announce the launch of its commercial Internet service. It features the Silicon Valley North Hi-Tech Directory of over 500 firms and Global MONITOR, a computer-related electronic magazine. Announcing the unveiling of BusinessWeb, a comprehensive guide to business-related information on the World Wide Web. It includes information on commerce, law, government, and economics; with interactive polling booths and forthcoming interviews with industry specialists. ruprecht, the independent student monthly at the University of Heidelberg, Germany, and UNiMUT, the school's SGA biweekly, are now on the web. AAA Advertising: Creators of The Internet Polling Center. Check it out in an upcoming Internet World magazine article and participate in the September poll on Commerce and the Internet. AAA provides your business with Affordable, Appropriate, and Absolutely Dynamic...Advertising. Announcing the HTML verison of the LEARN C/C++ TODAY list. This is a list of C and C++ language tutorials available to a user. This list includes interactive tutorials, public-domain code collections, books, interactive tutorials on the web and lots more. If you get timed out, try the mirror. You can also receive the latest version via electronic mail by sending an e-mail to carpenterv@vms.csd.mu.edu with "SEND LEARN C/C++ TODAY LIST" in the subject line. Global Information and Improvement Network offers Electronic Classified Advertising pages for you to browse. Visit GIIN's ads to learn about the opportunities that they offer, or find out how you can have your ad posted within their pages. The Research School of Chemistry at the Australian National University now has its own home page. See the guide to the research opportunities in Chemistry available to students of The Australian National University Graduate School. California State University, Fresno, Department of Physics is now on the World-Wide Web. It provides information about the campus and the department. Skidperfect Software, Inc. is proud to announce the birth of its WWW home page. Skidperfect Software is a small, private company that develops software by contract to both businesses and individuals. It also releases Freeware and Shareware in the Mac community to show the public the company's high standards in programming. The REDUCE Home Page is proudly presented to the Web by Cologne University. REDUCE is a well-known general-purpose computer algebra system available for a wide range of computer architectures and operating systems. Among other things, the Home Page includes pointers to ordering information, demonstration versions, a set of manuals, and the REDUCE online help system. A Virtual Summer School is being run this month by The Human Cognition Research Laboratory at the UK's Open University. The summer school enables students of Cognitive Pscyhology to participate in group discussions and tutorials via Internet Videoconferencing, and to run experiments, conduct literature searches, undertake statistical analyses, and, of course, socialize and chit-chat, all without leaving their homes. The Human Cognition Research Laboratory undertakes a combination of basic and applied research in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Knowedge Engineering, Cognitive Science, and Human Computer Interaction (particularly program visualization). The long-term goal of this research is to understand the fundamental processes of cognition, and to exploit this understanding where appropriate in the design of complex software systems. Also have a look at the experimental Open University Home Page. The University of Salford and Universtity College Salford are pleased to announce a set of WWW pages. The pages contain an audio welcome from the Vice Chancellor, with pages for almost every Department and Research Institute in the University together with pages for commercial organisations associated with the University. The pages also include the full-length text-book "Understanding OSI" by Prof John Larmouth. It is recommended that you start from the index page. Albert Nanomius has recently installed a page with the complete writings of Nostradamus, including revelatory new interpretations of his quatrains by new age researcher Dolores Cannon, along with other new age material and pointers. Christian Cosas's homepage at The University of Missouri - Columbia aims to give an extensive listing of comics and sequential art. Also featured is Cosas's comic strip, CultuRe Trap, which is published twice a week in the Mizzou student newspaper, the Maneater. A series of "Letters from an Iowa Soldier in the Civil War" is now available. These letters are part of a collection written by Newton Scott, Private, Company A, of the 36th Infantry, Iowa Volunteers, from 1862 thru 1865. Scott's letters are filled with rich details of the war and the living conditions in the Union camps in Mississippi, Missouri, Iowa, and Arkansas. Not only do they offer a Company Clerk's detailed account of the war, they also provide a glimpse of the personal emotions of a 21-year old farm boy uprooted from family, friends and sweetheart. The NetMarket Company is now offering customized premium wines, fringe science books and big band music from Sovereign Records. NetMarket continues to offer flowers, balloons, and gifts through 800-THE-ROSE, the #1 ranked flower delivery service in the US. NetMarket also continues to offer CDs by Noteworthy Music and also supports simpler, HTML-based advertising. (E-mail or finger info@netmarket.com for more info.) The Electronic Engineering Group in the Department of Engineering at the University of Reading, UK announces its WWW server. Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions Information Network, or InfoNet, is a campus-wide information service providing access to information from and about the medical institutions. The InfoNet is an ongoing project sponsored by the Division of Biomedical Information Sciences. The computing center (ZDV) of the University of Tübingen is proud to announce its alternative entry to their anonymous FTP server via WWW. Furthermore, the ZDV has released Mosaic-TueV 2.4.2, an update of NCSA's original Mosaic 2.4 for X11. The Tübingen Version of Mosaic provides a lot of improvements and bugfixes. It is available via FTP at ftp://ftp.uni-tuebingen.de/pub/WWW/Mosaic-TueV or any Mirror-site. Please have a look at the README for more information. The new Arthur Ransome Page celebrates the English author/journalist/adventurer Arthur Ransome and his sailing novels for children, the "Swallows and Amazons" stories published in the thirties and forties. The Arthur Ransome Society page gives details on the society set-up by a group of Ransome's friends and followers in 1990, now with nearly 1500 members worldwide. The Physics homepage at the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand contains course and research information, as well as some pretty pictures. Mirical Nutrition Corporation is pleased to announce the availabily of the Nutritional Web Server. Mirical Nutrition Corporation's primary focus is health and nutrition software. The Personal Food Analyst is a Palmtop and Desktop family of software products for diet planning, diet monitoring, nutritional analysis and weight loss for atheletes and health conscious individuals. The U.S. Chapter of DECUS, the Digital Equipment Computer Users Society is pleased to announce their WWW server. DECUS is an association of Information Technology professionals interested in the products, services, and technologies of Digital Equipment Corporation and related vendors. The server provides information on how the Chapter helps its members to be more successful through forums and activities which: enhance their professional development; provide technical training and up-to-date information; advocate members' needs; and provide opportunities for informal disclosure and interaction with their peers. TSANet is a vendor-neutral technical support alliance. By joining TSANet, hardware and software manufacturers commit to working with other members to solve mutal customer problems. Although end-users cannot join TSANet, they are the main benefactors of the organization. Currently, 32 companies are members of TSANet and more are joining each month. To learn more about how this organization works, how TSANet can help you solve multivendor problems quicker in your computing environment, or to get information on how your company can join, visit the TSANet home page. The Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research (JAIR), which is published both electronically and in print, is pleased to announce that it has commenced publishing articles formatted in HTML. (PostScript versions will continue to be published as well.) The first such publication is a re-release of a 1993 JAIR article, Software Agents: Completing Patterns and Constructing User Interfaces. The article is accompanied by an online appendix containing a QuickTime demo. It is an excellent example of what is possible with electronic publications. Dianne's Casual Creations are original clothes designed for original people. They feature coordinated casual clothes, appliques, wearable art, and accessories for adults and children. Featured items change regularly. Go! Discs, a UK record label, have pictures, sound clips, biogs, tour dates and more for all of their artists here. Artists featured include Paul Weller, The Beautiful South, The Trash Can Sinatras, Drugstore, etc. Argus Associates, Inc. specializes in the provision of Internet training workshops, Internet marketing and publishing services and Internet research services. If you would like to know more about how the Argus team can help you with your Internet related needs, please contact them for a free consulation. The Frontenac County Board Of Education (located in Kingston, Ontario, Canada) would like to announce the availability of its WWW server. This server will be geared towards K12 offerings and Board wide information. This server is being provided as part of the Ontario Education Highway initiative. The Institute of Public Policy Studies at the University of Michigan announces the Telecom Resources Page. This document contains references to information sources relating to the technical, economic, public policy, and social aspects of telecommunications. All forms of telecommunication, including, voice, data, video, wired, wireless, cable TV, and satellite, are included. Included are nearly 200 links to documents, government agencies, research labs, university research centers, etc. This page is part of the Information Networks Policy Library project. The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center announces the availability of its WWW server. It provides information about cancer treatment, research, education, and prevention, as well as other information from and about UTMDACC. Information Innovation has launched a new server for professional use of the Web. The server contains many megabytes of information about Business on the Web, Management and Technology. In the coming weeks information bases on the International Financial Industry will also be added. It is also the home of The Web Word, a monthly e-zine about the Web industry. October 19, 1994 UNCAT is the catalog of UNCATaloged titles not generally available in a bookstore or library. In this hypertext database from Sapphire Press, there are titles from businesses, nonprofit groups, trade associations, museums and self-published authors with research reports, pamphlets, brochures, catalogs, newsletters, booklets, books, videocassettes, audio cassettes and CD-ROMs. By searching or browsing detailed descriptions, you'll find titles in subjects as diverse as the arts, finance, health, human relationships, self development, products, services and travel. A title listing in turn can link to a Web server displaying the text of that title. Explore UNCAT at DigiMark. HTML versions of the FAQs for Linear Programming and Nonlinear Programming are now available. See Usenet newsgroup sci.op-research for more information. This is the "virtual" home of Scotty, the Tyrannosaurus Rex recently unearthed at Eastend, Saskatchewan, in the Valley of Hidden Secrets. This resource will feature pictures of the excavation, including the unfolding of Scotty, the paleontologists, a map of Eastend and environs, and information on local accomodation and restaurants, plus links to other dinosaur-related information. Art Crimes, a graffiti art gallery, features wall art from the U.S. and the Czech Republic. These full-color pieces are fresh off the street and shockingly good. Mother Jones Magazine has published its September/October issue, featuring stories on activism and apathy on college campuses, the expanding U.S. weapons trade under the Clinton administration, how members of Congress lobby the lobbyists for funds, and a personal essay about race, sex, and O.J. Simpson by Barbara Grizzuti Harrison. Also in the current issue, an interview with Congress' most powerful Democrat, Dick Gephart, a critique of men's and women's magazines, and, of course, Paula Poundstone who reports from the Richard Nixon Library and Birthplace. The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at the University of California at Santa Barbara announces its World Wide Web server. It includes information on the graduate programs, 1994-95 General Catalog course information, undergraduate and graduate requirements, short biographical information on the faculty, admission policies, and many links to industry and universities related to the department's research. Information Access Technologies, Inc. (IAT) providers of HoloNet Internet access service, announce their new WWW server. HoloNet service is accessible from access numbers nationwide and accounts can be setup in as little as 15 minutes. Included on their WWW server is information about their HoloSLIP, HoloUUCP and HoloDNS services. HoloSLIP service provides quality and reliable access for Internet programs such as Mosaic and Fetch using SLIP, CSLIP, and PPP protocols. HoloUUCP service allows BBSes and office e-mail systems to automatically receive Internet e-mail and USENET news conferences. HoloDNS service allows users to have a custom domain name similar to "company.com" attached to their Internet e-mail address. The Michigan Digital Historical Initiative in the Health Sciences, coordinated by the University of Michigan Historical Center for the Health Sciences, announces the availability, through its homepage, of a detailed guide to over 1400 archival and manuscript collections held by repositories acros the United States. Related images of photographs and historical scientific and medical instruments are also included. For those people searching for interactive cleverness, CyberSight is now decked out with the latest in high-tech fun. Let people know which your fave TV show is... and what about the greatest musician? Remember to share your feelings about the commercialization of the Internet, because all of this splendor is brought to you by Internet Marketing Inc. The Defense Information Systems Agency's Center For Engineering would like to announce the implementation of an interactive demo of their network modeling tool MIIDAS. The editors of Domestic Animal Endocrinology would like to announce their server for current and prospective authors to the journal. An overview of constraint-based tools is available from AIAI. ANDATACO, a leading designer and manufacturer of enterprise wide storage solutions and a major networking and UNIX workstation system integrator, announces On-The-Net, a world-wide web service featuring the entire ANDATACO product catalog, technical support notes, disk and tape data sheets and on-line manuals. Rob Brezsny's cult weekly REAL ASTROLOGY is on The Butterfly's Web. A new collaborative project linking high-profile artists with the Internet has been initiated through Kaleidospace. Science fiction writer David Brin (author of the Uplift series and Glory Season) has provided the first chapter of a futuristic novel, for which Internet users are encouraged to write additional chapters. Graphic novelist P. Craig Russell (Ray Bradbury Chronicles and Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde) has provided the initial panels for a collaborative comic. The completed collaborative work will be available on the Kaleidospace world-wide web site. Information for joining the project and submiting art may be found at the Kaleidospace web, gopher (Gopher.kspace.com) and ftp (ftp.kspace.com) sites. The NYU/ACF Scientific Visualization Center is pleased to present a WWW site housing MathMol an instructional project in molecular modeling and 3-D visualization for K-12 students and teachers. The site contains some introductory tutorials for students, here and a Information About Arthritis as well as information about the Arthritis Foundation's programs and services. Topics include an extensive set of frequently asked questions about arthritis, ordering information for free literature about various arthritis-related topics, as well as pointers to other internet resources. The 19th Hole (a.k.a. "The Clubhouse") has added The Rules of Golf Online. Answer all of your questions about the rules, come settle your score and tell a few tall tales in the Clubhouse after a hard 18. The 19th Hole is a place for golfers to relax, share some stories and maybe even settle a bet or two (not that golfers bet!) Included is Headlines! with info on the latest scores, tournaments, and local happenings. The 1994 Golf Digest Record Book is the place to find out how your favorite golfer did in 1993 or who won the British Open in 1863. And the Scorecard Archive is the place to check out some courses before you play them. Also included are other good golf links. Now available to the web community, the Northern Nevada Web contains information about Universities and Colleges in Northen Nevada. Some of the highlights include: * University of Nevada, Reno * Truckee Meadows Community College * Northern Nevada Community College * Western Nevada Community college Lila Star (Lisa Shobhana Mason) , predictive astrologist, is pleased to announce that she is now offering astrology services on the internet. She offers both free and for-pay services. This week's issue of InfoWorld Magazine is now available at the Internet Shopping Network. The Texas Agricultural Extension Service (TAEX) humbly announces its first WWW server, leviathan. Leviathan features thousands of agriculturally-oriented clipart images, an interactive agricultural software catalog and Texas Extension publication abstracts. The "Master Gardener" series is very popular with users. The clipart image files are accessible via a graphical "point-and-click" user interface, and are available in multiple file types. A link is also available to SWAMI, the South West Agricultural Meteorological Information system. The Geometry Sender at Keio University is now opening W3 server. Many 3D object data, including WebOOGL, off, rwx format, tutorial on data formats, and information about external viewers for 3D object on Web are available. The European Commission Host Organisation (ECHO) on behalf of Directorate-General XIII of the EC would like to announce I'M-EUROPE (Information Market-Europe). An initiative to provide the World Wide Web with information about the European electronic information market. The Department of Computer Science at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, UK is pleased to announce global access to its WWW server. The information available includes academic courses, research projects and general information about Aber and the department. SIMS, Inc. is a value-added electronic services provider in Charleston, SC. It offers local dialup or dedicated Internet connections for individuals as well as commerical, educational, or non-profit institutions in the Charleston, SC area. Be sure to visit the SIMS Internet Mall. The Open Software Foundation Research Institute is interested in the innovative information presentation methods that new Web technology has enabled. They are gathering results from their Information Presentation Query Form and will send a summary to those who fill out the form. The Canadian Permanent Committee on Geographical Names (CPCGN) and Geographical Names Section of Natural Resources Canada announce the release of an English/French Web site. The bilingual 'Geo-Names' Home Page offers a wide range of information including a dynamic database search of Canada's official geographical names (interrogation en français). The Educational Technology Branch at the Lister Hill National Center for Biomedical Communication of the National Library of Medicine (NLM) announces a newly revised and restructured home page. New information has been added: a relevant subset of the NLM's AVLINE database and a Generic Videodisc/CD-ROM Database for the Health Professions providing descriptions of materials that can be repurposed by health professions educators wishing to develop interactive teaching materials. All this and more is found in a new home page providing ready access to Resources, Monographs and descriptions of ongoing Research Projects. The Apple Network Managers Association (ANMA) Home Page is a resource for all Macintosh network managers looking for a user group geared towards their special problems and interests. The home page contains information about joining local chapters, how to start one in your area and topics of interest related to Macintosh networking. The Center for Mars Exploration at the NASA Ames Research Center would like to announce the creation of a home page featuring TV Net-Broadcast/Cable Television Server announces its TV server providing addresses and information on U.S. and the World Television Stations. A new collection of acoustic music information, including musician tour schedules, venue schedules, biographical information and much, much more can be found at FolkBook. Infolink Information Services is sponsoring a writing contest. Winners will receive a 5 day vacation for two to Mardi Gras '95. See this for details. An entirely new and completely graphic specialty shopping center named Shopping IN has opened on the Internet. Shopping IN is the most graphic, user-friendly shopping source on the Net. Over three hundred specialty items from athletic wear, men's & women's apparel, tabletop accessories and gifts are presented with large, digitally enhanced color images. The State of South Dakota is proud to announce the availability of its World Wide Web site. This site is a starting point to all of the Internet-related resources in the State of South Dakota. It contains South Dakota Government Information, Tourism Information, including Mt. Rushmore and the Black Hills, links to many of the universities and higher education facilities across the state, and etc. Stop by and visit some people in South Dakota! Chemical Industry Institute of Toxicology, located in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, is pleased to announce its Mosaic containing general information about CIIT's goals, research and educational programs, as well as its most recent publications. Chris Haggerty of Internet Express would like to announce a page for Books-M. E. Sharpe Publishing. Surf the Web with the Planet Earth Home Page. This server has a multitude of categories to explore, ranging from Astronomy to the World-Wide Web. Visit the city of San Diego, California or the District of Columbia, USA. Obtain information on Colleges and Universities, Books and Libraries, Sports, or the science of Physics with Images, Icons, and Flags. Learn more about the Navy or visit National Aeronautics and Space Administration to take a journey through the Solar System. The National Earth Orientation Service (NEOS) is a joint venture of the U. S. Naval Observatory (USNO) and the Geosciences Laboratory (GL), of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). NEOS was organized to coordinate, collect, analyze and distribute data from the various operational U. S. programs that monitor variations in the orientation of the Earth. The Notre Dame Band is proud to announce its WWW site complete with Text, Movies, Pictures, and Sounds. Adding to the site is the Notre Dame Football Schedule with icons taken off the internet of the schools that Notre Dame will play. The site is located at the University of Notre Dame and was created by John F. Keating. DiploNet has been established by Negotiation Systems International to provide access to information about the theory and practice of international diplomacy for an audience of academic researchers, practicing diplomats, and interested observers. Current highlights include the U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea, the report of the American Academy of Diplomacy on the processes of multilateral negotiation, and information about the United States Institute of Peace. DiploNet is also the gateway to the Council on Ocean Law. British mail order supplier Trinity Systems is now offering its price list and ordering facility on-line. Trinity Systems specialises in games, CD-ROMs and utilities for the Apple Macintosh, and CD-ROMs for PC compatibles. Trinity Systems also offers an Advance Notice Registration Scheme to inform customers by e-mail of the release of the latest Macintosh games. Consumers for World Trade provides information about world trade issues as they affect consumers. The page is official information of Consumers for World Trade, an advocacy group. Can't make it to Cannes? Then try I'M B1FF! (the International MPEG Bizarre 1st Film Festival), hosted by John Perry. Take a look (and listen) at the Liberal Materialists Web page. Flag Inns International, in collaboration with WWW.AUS.NET, is pleased to announce its on-line Guide to Flag Properties in Victoria, Australia. Keyword searching and Forms-based reservations are supported. The Science and Engineering Television Network, SETN, is a consortium of scientific organizations formed for the purpose of creating an international television network for professional scientists and engineers. Current participants include the American Physical Society, the Association for Computing Machinery and the American Institute of Biological Sciences. SETN is pleased to announce a Call for Participation and urges all scientists, engineers and students to respond to the SETN Viewer Interest Questionnaire. SETN welcomes foreign and corporate participation. If there is a favorable response, SETN will begin broadcasting early in 1995. The Institute for Biology of the University of Freiburg,Germany announces its WWW Server. Included is a request for contribution to the Data Acquisition Initiative. There is also information about the wide range of private activities of the scientists and some serious fun mostly in english/german mixed language. Medical Matrix is a new Web resource that offers a database of Internet clinical medicine resources. Medical Matrix categorizes resources by disease, specialty, and other interest areas. It is designed as a "home page" for a physician's or healthworker's computer. Medical Matrix is a project of the Internet Working Group of the Amercian Medical Informatics Association. The server of the Partnership in Advanced Computing Technologies, in Bristol, UK, is up and running. PACT is a new research centre for collaborative academic/industrial projects currently involving groups from Inmos and the University of Bristol. The PACT server hosts pages for Inmos (unofficial), the Data Diffusion Machine (a scalable VSM architecture), the ESPRIT II OMI/HORN project, and various peoples' home pages. In these you can find, amongst others things, a list of Calls for Papers in (Parallel) Computer Architecture and related topics. The Institute of Exact Sciences and Humanities of Algarve University, Faro, Portugal, is now on-line. It offers local information from Institute's Departments, announcements, a few services, tourist information and links to other Portuguese-speaking servers. You've put your data on the Web, but how can you make it easy for people to find it? This short Guide to Publishing on the World Wide Web explains. The Engineering Design Research Center at Carnegie Mellon University is a National Science Foundation ERC established in 1986. This server provides information on the EDRC's laboratories and their associated projects, affiliates, faculty and students, as well as abstracts on EDRC technical reports. DigiBoard, a leading provider of connectivity solutions for multiuser systems, as well as LANs and WANs, announces its World Wide Web server. DigiBoard's web server provides detailed information on Products, Digi Programs and Services including Technical Support and Customer Service. Additionally, the home page features a What's New section that lists recent product announcements and a Company Overview section. The German Institute for Applied Geodesy (IfAG) announces its new WWW server. The pages contain links to IfAG's own Internet services as well as to a variety of other servers in geosciences and related fields. Special emphasis is made on geodesy. The standard homepage is in German, but an English homepage is also available. The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) is pleased to announce its World Wide Web sever. This server offers HTTP, Gopher and anonymous FTP capability. In addition to offering basic information on how to start or run a small business, the Home Page provides access to most Federal WWW's, and its very popular SBA Online BBS, now with a user base of 110,000 and recently receiving its 1,000,000th call four days shy of two years of operation. Access to the WWW, or SBA Online provides the public with internet e-mail, shareware files for running a business, gateways to other Federal BBS's, international trade data and venturing opportunities, local SBA information, and SBA mail forum networking. The Department of Speech Communication & Music Acoustics at the The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden now has a Web page containing information about the department. There is information about persons, courses, projects, seminars and specialevents like the phonetics congress, ICPhS 95. There are also links to other resources on the internet relating speech. J. P. Morgan & Co. Incorporated is pleased to announce its Home Page. J.P. Morgan is an investment banking firm that provides financial services to corporations, governments, financial institutions, institutional investors, private firms, nonprofit groups, and wealthy individuals around the world. In addition to general information about the firm, J.P. Morgan is making available selected research abstracts and finance oriented datasets, including the firm's newly announced RiskMetrics(tm). Amerinex Artificial Intelligence, Inc. is pleased to announce its WWW pages. Amerinex A.I. is a world leader in the creation of Image Understanding solutions and environments. The home page provides access to information about the company, its products, current contracts, technical reports and personnel. The Ocean Drilling Program home page is now accessible. The Ocean Drilling Program is an international organization which performs basic research into the history of ocean basins and the Earth's crust beneath the oceans. The program is funded principally by the National Science Foundation with substantial contributions from international partners. The Department of Computer Science at the University of Toronto announces its WWW server which contains information about the Department's Faculty, graduate and undergraduate programs. Of particular visual interest are the images presented by the Department's Dynamic Graphics Project. Krema Nut Company is offering its products on the WWW. What makes the products and gifts uniquely special is the freshness and delicious, natural taste. The peanut butter is completely natural and healthy with no salt, sugar or preservatives added. Feel free to drop in and browse through Krema's products or request more information. The Capitol Steps, the Washington-based troupe of Congressional staffers turned songwriters, are pleased to announce their WWW home page featuring music and political satire. Hear selections from recent albums (Lord of the Fries , The Joy of Sax , etc.) plus pre-releases of the latest songs. This server has been up for some time now, and contains some home pages: * The InfoSystems pages contain information about the group and several articles presented at conferences (HTML & PS) * The East-Timor Information pages: several up-to-date documents describing the human-rights violations in East-Timor. * The Amnesty International pages (moved from sparky.cyberzine.com) have a new face * The Last Empire Play-By-eMail pages contain information about the game. Internet Connections, Inc. announces Antiques Web. Visitors will find pictures of items from a Minnesota antique shop, ways to help spot reproductions and some tips for new collectors on how to negotiate at a flea market or antique shop. In south central Minnesota, where the Minnesota River bends and flows north, sit the beautiful and growing cities of Mankato and North Mankato. Visit their Web site to see photos and information. Questions about the cities can be directed to info@city.mankato.mn.us and questions about the web site can be directed to info@ic.mankato.mn.us. Bluebird Systems, a provider of document management software, announces its home page. Bluebird Systems announces a home page on its hometown, Carlsbad, California, USA, a community on the coast of Southern California. The State of Montana's MIDS, Montana Information Delivery System, is now on the Web. MIDS aims at making information paticular about Montana accessible to both Internet and State users -- of particular interest is the Natural Resource Information System. Digital Equipment Corporation and the California Secretary of State's office are pleased to announce the availability of online election information for the November 8, 1994 California General Election with LIVE vote counts from the Secretary of State on the night of the election. This server now contains the full text of Secretary of State's voter information pamphlet, including all propositions and statewide races. Additional data will be added over the next few weeks. The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP), representing over 5,600 child and adolescent psychiatrists, would like to announce the opening of its homepage. AACAP members actively research, diagnose and treat psychiatric disorders affecting children and adolescents and their families. The Academy is dedicated to supporting this work through a variety of programs including government liaison, national public information and continuing medical education. The web site contains information on the Annual AACAP Meetings, a listing of "Facts for Families." 20/20 Software, Inc. is a developer of software utility products for the DOS and Windows environments, such as PC-Install, a widely-used program that simplifies file and document distribution. The company also has developed database applications such as the Nimbus Report Writer, WestLake Imager and DocIt programs. The company is pleased to announce their WWW Server, which contains data sheets, press releases, FAQs, customer support services, order forms, etc. Bob Willey would like to announce the opening of El Camino de Silicio (The Silicon Highway), a network to promote computer music in the Americas. He is also managing an archive of MIDI piano compositions entitled New Music for Disklavier and Synthesizer. Both collections are housed at UC San Diego's Center for Research in Computing and the Arts. Alameda County Medical Center and the University of California at San Francisco are pleased to announce the availability of the THIRD issue of the Global Emergency Medicine Archives. This issue contains the complete 1994 abstracts of the Society of Academic Emergency Medicine, an extensive demonstration of a forms-based conferencing system, and links to many medically-related sites worldwide. ARTS & FARCES has made its collection of Internet services available to the Internet community at large. The ARTS & FARCES Internet services are a complete Internet software and information solution for Macintosh, MS Windows and MS-DOS personal computer users. The services were previously available only to readers of Michael Fraase's best-selling Internet Tour Guide series. The ARTS & FARCES home page also serves as a gateway to the ARTS & FARCES Gopher server and the ARTS & FARCES FTP archive. The Multiprocessor Testbed Project at the University of Southern California has a home page with general information on the project, links to papers and pictures of the hardware. Its goal is to explore the hardware emulation approach for the rapid prototyping and performance evaluation of scalable multiprocessors. The Visible Embryo Project is a multi-institutional long-term collaboration to create an Internet resource for HPCC applications in the area of developmental biology. The project's WWW server will act as the central means for information access and dissemination concerning the activities of the Project's 20+ collaborating institutions. Through use of the Project's new WWW-OLE technology, researchers, students and clinicians will be able to use Mosaic and the Web to seamlessly access vast computational and information resources from remote geographic locations, in order to learn more about the mechanisms of human development. The Associates Financial Services has found itself a home at American Products Online. The Associates offer financial consultation and lending for the refinancing/purchasing of homes, auto loans and secured personal loans. The Tanel Corporation now has a page on the WWW. Tanel, a manufacturer of athletic cleats, has patented a 360 degree cleat that is designed to increase pivotabilty and reduce the risk of torque related injuries. You can preview Tanel's technical manual to read more about this incredible design. October 18, 1994 The Imaging Systems Lab in the Department of Landscape Architecture, University of Illinois now has its server operational. Contents include descriptions of on-going and recent research in Alaska, New Mexico, Utah and Canada, the complete text of papers, and access to image sets used in a variety of experiments. Examples of displays from an ecosystem simulator called SmartForest are included. Keep up-to-date with the Minnesota Vikings. The current roster, depth chart, draft pick review, game summaries and much more are maintained. The Vikings page is a link from a larger NFL Page containing links to other NFL teams and news. The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR), an agency of the Public Health Service in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, is now on the World-Wide Web. The server provides access to information about the Agency and people within the Agency. In addition, easy access to ATSDR's Hazardous Substance Release/Health Effects Database (HazDat) is provided through a sophisticated, forms-based user interface. The full text, with figures and tables, of the popular Public Health Statements from ATSDR's Toxicological Profiles, with clear explanations of health effects from toxic substances in the environment, are also available with full text search and retrieval. The Oak Ridge National Laboratory Environmental Sciences Division is proud to announce another in a series of articles in its electronic journal Environmental Research News. The article, titled Through the Cooking Glass, describes the Lab's work on the In Situ Vitrification or ISV process, a novel technology for dealing with some difficult environmental restoration problems. Phi Tau Coeducational Fraternity at Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH would like to announce the availability of its new WWW site. This site includes information on how to find the house, a complete social calendar, information on charitable activities, and some really bad poetry. The maintainers of the site believe it is possibly the first Greek Letter Organization on the web, and are looking for more ideas and feedback on its development. The OSI-Protocol Testing Laboratory (OSI-LAB) is pleased to announce its WWW server located in Switzerland. The server currently provides information about the Lab, an X.400 Address server and ftp access to OSTC Documents. The Consortium on Green Design and Manufacturing is pleased to announce its WWW Server. CGDM is an interdisciplinary research effort in the College of engineering at U.C.Berkeley and an industry/university partnership focused on issues related to environmentally-conscious product design and manufacturing. The page contains information on current research, industry partners and general background on green manufacturing. EUnet Slovakia announces Slovakia Document Store, a comprehensive source of information about Slovak Republic, including High Tatra Mountains Guide and many links to other Slovakia-related resources. Now also with Elections 1994 Special containing latest information about coming elections in Slovak Republic. An inter-disciplinary team at the University of Southern California would like to announce the Mercury Project, a WWW server that allows users to tele-operate a robot arm moving over a terrain filled with buried artifacts. A CCD camera and pneumatic nozzle mounted on the robot allow users to select viewpoints and to direct short bursts of compressed air into the terrain. Thus users can "excavate" regions within the sand by positioning the arm, delivering a burst of air, and viewing the newly cleared region. We seek a coherent theory that explains these buried artifacts. The NetCenter is pleased to announce the 1st OnLine Trade Show, where you can: * See new hardware and software products demonstrated on-line * Browse interactive Yellow Pages * See the roadmap to the Information Superhighway * Link to hundreds of other great locations * Find new product reviews in Windows News & Reviews Magazine * Visit the Barter Center * Visit the NetCenter Dating Center * And much more, coming soon NEC, a global leader in computer, communications and semiconductor technologies, is now on-line. The server initially provides information on NEC dial routers and NEC RISCworkstation models marketed in the U.S. Internet Services Corporation assists corporations and organizations in marketing their products and services on the Internet. Research Access Incorporated is the clearing house for Computer Science Technical Reports--the fast way to get the reports you need. The Stork Delivers--the perfect gift for the newborn! Minority Enterprise Corporation of Pittsburgh is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to the creation and growth of minority owned businesses within Southwestern Pennsylvania. PREPnet is Internet Connectivity Provider for Western Pennsylvania. The Thomas Jefferson University Neuro-Implant Program is pleased to announce the availability of new information about developments in neuro-implant surgery for treatment of pain and paralysis. The server's home page also provides links to a variety of other topics. The Department of Biological Sciences at Carnegie Mellon Univeristy in Pittsburgh, PA, USA would like to announce the coming on-line of the CMU Department of Biological Sciences WWW Server! The Server dishes up information about the department's undergraduate and graduate degree programs, course offerings, outreach activities and the faculty's research and teaching interests. PHP--Parents Helping Parents, Inc. is a multifaceted, comprehensive Parent Directed Family Resource Center for children with any kind of special need. Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits are now available on-line! The University of Washington School of Medicine has designated the digital teaching file on the UW Radiology Webserver for credit hours in Category I of the Physicians Recognition Award of the American Medical Association. Other learning modules are currently available on this server and will also be available for CME credit soon. This server includes the following items: * Radiology Teaching File * Anatomy Teaching Modules * Radiology Exhibits from UW * Information on UW radiology residency and fellowship programs * Image processing software written by UW faculty JPL is proud to announce the International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS) 94 Home Page and conference proceedings, also known as the IGARSS 94 Electronic Digest. The proceedings were put online as HTML and distributed on a CDROM at the conference, along with the required software for Mac, Windows and most Unix platforms. Paper topics cover surface and atmospheric remote sensing - technologies, data analysis, and interpretation. The site offers WAIS searches, abstracts, included images, and the full text for all 1000+ papers. (Viewing the full text requires a .PDF reader, included on the CDROM.) The NHL Page is an informative page for hockey fans who would like to view gifs and jpegs. The page also offers information on teams as well as links to other sites. Stats and scores are readily available during the season. $20,000 in prizes and giveaways to be had at the 1994 Crime Control Expo! Twenty-five seminars in five subject tracks will be held on gang & organized crime activities, government, corporate and contract security concerns, white collar crime, specialized operations, and crime prevention. The 'Fachgruppe Informatik' at the 'Technische Universität Braunschweig', Germany, is proud to present their part of the WWW. The WWW-service covers the activities and services of the Fachgruppe, and a number of links to other points on the WWW, mainly for (German) students' purposes (like list of all 'Informatik-Fachschaften' in Germany), but also for fun and joy. During this years US Open, The World-Wide Web Tennis Server will be running a variety of polls and surveys and the responses will be posted. The WWW Tennis Server also offers monthly player and equipment tips, daily tennis news, hyperlinked versions of the Tennis Rules and Tennis Code, links to tennis info throughout the web, the Windemere Racquet & Swim Club, and the entrance to The Racquet Workshop, the Web's first specialty tennis shoppe. Sponsored by The Racquet Workshop and The Tenagra Corporation of Houston, Texas. "The Real Estate Network" is designed to be the premier source for world-wide real estate related information. Visitors can select a Real Estate Sales Representative, Appraiser, Property Inspector, Financial Institution, Builder, Surveyor and Mover or any other related professions, simply by accessing profiles featured under the appropriate geographic selection. Visitors can also view properties on the system by accessing either the Property Listing file or the Open House Demonstration file. General information on local and state/provincial government services can also be accessed. Personal Bibliographic Software, Inc. announces a WWW site and a Gopher which provide information about PBS and its products, ProCite and BiblioLink II. The Living Design/Living Art Center would like to announce a new web page promoting The Mouse-Board (tm) for NetSurfing and other extensive "click-work". Whether you are out surfing the net or working long hours with your mouse, The Mouse Board (tm) provides excellent support. CSUBIOWEB, the Biological Sciences WWW server for the California State University system, is now at its permanent site. Its purpose is to consolidate existing WWW Biological Sciences teaching and research resources and to create and distribute original multimedia resources for the teaching of biology. All biologists are encouraged to submit materials. ASAP is pleased to announce major improvements to its WWW site, ASAPWeb, on the history of science and technology. The History of Australian Science and Technology page provides links to all ASAP resources, such as the History of Australian Science Newsletter, Guides to the archival collections of scientists including Macfarlane Burnet and 115 finding aids to manuscript collections relating to Australian science held by the Basser Library of the Australian Academy of Science. The History of Science, Technology and Medicine page provides links to a wide range of resources relating to this general field. Categories include: General collections and archive sites; Specialist collections; Museums and exhibitions; Electronic journals; and Mailing lists and newsgroups. The Post-Polio Information page is now available with a variety of Internet resources and additional information dealing with polio and Post-Polio Syndrome. The European Network of Excellence in Computer Vision is announcing the ECVNet WWW Relay Server. This sever contains informations about ECVNet nodes, activities and pointers to useful URLs. The Power Express Battery Catalog is now on-line! Power Express of San Jose, CA, U.S.A. is pleased to display its price list of over 3,000 batteries for notebook computers, cellular phones and camcorders on the WWW. Individuals and corporations can find the best prices here and pay with standard credit cards. Power Express will express mail your replacement battery to you within a couple of days. Ph. 800-Power-Ex. Power Express is on-line thanks to BayNet Co., a company that specializes in internet publishing services. An experimental E-mail address book interface to the Web is available at Alisa Systems Inc. Alisa's Web server has been connected to AlisaMail, an e-mail integration product, using Visual Basic and ODBC to demonstrate that e-mail address book information can be easily accessed using the Internet. AlisaMail product brochures and white papers dealing with e-mail integration issues are also available. APS 7800 Mainframe Storage System information is now available on the WWW. This information includes product updates, descriptions, documentation and other information useful to to those interested in or using this Mainframe Storage product. slack Magazine, Madison, WI's most dangerous monthly new magazine, has gone global with slack OnLine. Local Madison stories, as well as national, international and cybernews with new departments added all the time. Technology Applications, Inc. announces high-performance, cross-platform client-server development tools that support Sybase and Oracle SQL servers. TAITools is a suite of cross-platform client-server development tools that provides complete portability of both the development environment, the application, including the GUI, the network and the database. Internet Marketing Inc. and their online information arcade, CyberSight, have created an O.J. Polling Booth for all of those of you out there who just can't get enough. Cambridge Scientific Computing, Inc., makers of CS ChemOffice, including CS ChemDraw, CS Chem3D, and CS ChemFinder would like to announce its new WWW server dedicated to the needs of the desktop chemist. Product specifications, press releases, tech notes, demos and updaters are available from this site, as is information about complementary products and vendors. Don't miss the weekly meeting of Weboholic's Anonymous. At the university of Tuebingen in Germany there is an which provides a collection of software tools and a lot of papers and documentation about the announced topics. Currently, this server is only in German, but will soon be translated into English as well. The Seed collective greets fellow comrades on the web and would like to point out that a UK based information service covering European anarchist news and publications is now available throught The Seed home page at City University, London. Norfolk International Airport is pleased to invite you to fly the Data Runway. Norfolk International is providing an Online Flight Guide as well as information about their facilities with maps and directories. The Mathematica World electronic Mathematica Notebook publication is pleased to announce the opening of its WWW interactive service. Guests to this service can retrieve sample articles, tutorials, Notebooks and packages; preview the monthly publication, special issues and the Mathematica World Interactive Guide to Mathematica . The service includes a hands on introduction to Mathematica - A System for Doing Mathematics by Computer. View exciting animations or test your skills at our monthly programming competitions - everyone is welcome. The Mississippi Center for Supercomputing Research WWW server is now available. This server provides information about the high-performance computing services for faculty, staff and students at the eight state-supported senior institutions of higher learning in Mississippi and the University of Mississippi Medical Center. Information about the Mississippi Higher Education Research Network (MISNET) is also provided. Mizell Wilson at Towson State University would like to announce his ADD home page with links and information on Adult Attention Deficit Disorder and other links that might be of interest to someone with ADD. The page has a wide variety of links for those of short attentions. NASA's Global Change Master Directory is now accessible through World Wide Web. The GCMD is a comprehensive source of information about Earth science, environmental, climate and global change data holdings available to the scientific community throughout the world. The GCMD is the American Coordinating Node of the Committee on Earth Observation Satellites' International Directory Network (CEOS IDN) and serves as NASA's contribution to the Global Change Data and Information System (GCDIS). The GCMD can be queried from either forms-based WWW clients or via telnet. WilTel Network Services is proud to announce its official WWW server. Since the Internet connection you are now using may very well be running over WilTel's fiber optic network you may be interested in reading about WinTel's corporate history and telecommunications products. With all of the rumors surrounding the impending purchase of WilTel by LDDS, rely on timely and accurate information from WilTel in the News. Take home a souvenir from WilTel's Art Gallery featuring the (in)famous Wall Street Journal Cartoons. For all those people who don't come to the Netherlands because they are afraid to drive in the unknown traffic, there is a solution now in the Dutch Traffic Sign Server telling you all about the traffic signs you will find on the Dutch roads. This service is brought to you by Heini Withagen from Eindhoven University of Technology. Soldiers, The Official U.S. Army Magazine, is now on-line through a partnership of the U. S. Army Office of Public Affairs, the Staff of Soldiers, and the Corporate Information Center's Technology Development Laboratory at Redstone Arsenal, Alabama. The Consumer Information Center (CIC), famous for its Pueblo, CO address, is now accessible through the WWW! Many of the over 200 publications in the Consumer Information Catalog are available to be viewed online or downloaded. These publications cover topics such as Federal benefits, health, cars, children, housing and money matters. The Multimedia Page contains MPEG movies, GIFs, and sound files relating to the CIC's well-known television and print ad campaigns. Webster's Weekly, the first weekly features magazine on the World-Wide Web, is pleased to announce the completion of its first quarterly volume, 13 weekly issues from Summer 1994. Webster's Weekly features: * Mad rantings and Suspicious Ramblings of Jess Weiss, * Perfect World, by cartoonist Nick Bruel, * Photography and poetry of David Miller, and * Shermomma, an eclectic movie column and occasional film review. This year, you could have your holiday shopping done on time--without ever leaving your home or office. JewelQuestª showcases its exclusive jewelry collection on its web server. Select from their wide range of distinctly European treasures. Made from the finest precision cuts of Austrian Swarovski crystal and cubic zirconia, JewelQuest jewelry makes an elegant gift. THE NEW YORK WEB, the first commercial Web Site in New York City, would like to announce the official opening of its Web Server. Features include: * Nite Life - a searchable database of cool clubs, bars and restaurants in New York City * Expo - a multimedia exhibition space for artists and writers * City Life - interesting places and services in New York City * Media - advertising, design and media-related professional service providers * and a lot more to come... THE NEW YORK WEB presents: Drive By Shootings, an exhibit by David Bradford, a New York City cab driver and photographer. THE NEW YORK WEB and The Online Ad Agency present: New York Apple Tours which provides open and closed-top double decker bus sightseeing of Manhattan. People who visit New York City can now get a taste of the big apple by visiting New York Apple Tours on the World Wide Web. Federal Information Exchange, Inc. is proud to announce their FEDIX/MOLIS WWW Server. FEDIX contains keyworded Federal Agency funding opportunities and extensive Federal Agency program descriptions targeted at research and educational institutions. MOLIS contains minority college and university capability information, faculty profiles, scholarship/fellowship information and current events/announcements. Ten federal agencies currently participate in the FEDIX/MOLIS system and their announcements from the Commerce Business Daily, Federal Register, and other sources are updated daily. The Small Computers in the Arts Network in Philadelphia, PA. is now on the Web. SCAN is a non-profit educational organization which produces an annual Symposium on Art and Technology. Convergence Systems Incorporated (CSI) is pleased to announce its new Web Site. CSI specializes in helping metropolitan broadband network providers (the cable/telecommunications industry) deploy high-bandwidth, standards-based network access services. CSI is a global remarketer of Digital Equipment Corporation's ChannelWorks products. In addition, CSI provides strategic management and technical consulting services to industry and end users. Through its network of affiliates, CSI can provide turnkey solutions in the areas of videoconferencing, telecommunications (telco), content structuring and production, multimedia interfaces and front-ends, graphical design and web services, shares workgroup software (OO), media transformation (digitization) and archival, pre- and post- video production, and so on. E-NET - Entrepreneur NET is now open. ENET provides information on using CyberSpaces for advertising and a place to advertise products and services. The University of Rhode Island announces a Web page containing information about the University and available programs of study. In addition, links are provided to other University Web servers. Intermetrics, Inc. is a first class software development and systems integration company, dedicated to providing world class software solutions . . . solutions that result in reliable software products and services. Intermetrics offers a full range of engineering services to support the development, re-engineering, integration, and verification of real-time embedded systems and client/server systems. In addition, it offers tools to automate the production of software systems. Monsanto Company, a science-based, publicly held company involved in businesses that improve the quality of life, is pleased to announce the Monsanto World-Wide Web server. Monsanto's 30,000 employees worldwide devote their time and effort to discovering, manufacturing, and marketing agricultural products, performance chemicals, prescription pharmaceuticals, and food ingredients. Their mission is to ensure the highest quality products in an environmentally responsive manner. Visit DisneyWorld in Style. Stay in a Beautiful and Luxurious 3 or 4 bedroom house. Come and visit the Syles Vacation Homes. Visionware, the international leader in PC-to-UNIX Windows connectivity solutions, is pleased to announce its WWW Server to Internet users. The server includes listings and descriptions of Visionware products, as well as press releases, downloadable evaluation copies and company information. Visionware products featured include XVision 5R6, the first X11R6 compliant, 'Chicago ready' PC X Server; SQL-Retriever, a high-performance Windows ODBC solution; and PC-Connect, a terminal emulator for Microsoft Windows. The Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology announces its WWW server. Through the server you can access information about faculty, students and staff as well as courses and research projects and topics. The Centre of Medical Imaging Research (CoMIR), University of Leeds, now has WWW pages containing information on its activities, personnel, recent research projects, etc. Included is a comprehensive list of links to medical imaging resources on the Web. The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is pleased to announce the opening of its WWW server. With information on its mission, organization and more, it joins the growing list of U.S. federal agencies on the Web. Visual Models of Morphogenesis is a hypertext document which presents a survey of biological models of development, focusing on research being performed in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Calgary. A number of images and animations are included to illustrate the different models. The Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) Distributed Active Archive Center (DAAC) is pleased to announce the availability of its geophysical data products to the research and K-12 community through the WWW. Data are currently available on a variety of media. Products include remotely sensed global measurements of precipitation, atmospheric moisture and land surface classification from the NOAA/NASA SSM/I Pathfinder Project, global temperature anomalies from the NOAA/NASA TOVS Pathfinder Project, U.S. Lightning Summaries, U.S. Composite Precipitation Summaries, and in-situ readings of rainfall from surface and ships to name but a few. Reduced resolution images for many of the products are also available. Infosphere announces an Aspen, Colorado community web site, publishing a variety of individuals, commercial and non-profit organizations, such as: Abwenzi African Studies, The Aspen Skiing Company covering Aspen Mountain, Snowmass and two other ski resorts. Infosphere is an Internet trial sponsored by Sun Microsystems. WebWeather, a forms interface to Weather Underground data, has just undergone a major overhaul. The interface is slightly improved; states are now listed by full name instead of postal abbreviation. WebWeather now returns full forecast data in addition to up to the hour climate data for 240 cities across the United States. Finally, it is now far more reliable than it was previously. The University of California at Davis' own Cal Aggie Marching Band-uh now offers a preview of the band in action. See cool photos of the "Pride of the Regents of the University of California!" Listen to the "Spirit of the Davis Campus" blowing killer tunes! Impress friends and family with Aggie Band trivia! There are pointers to other University Marching Band sites as well. The Chinese-Language-Related Information Page has pointers to information on Chinese educational software, Chinese language courses, Chinese linguistics, Chinese-language-related FTP sites, sources of Chinese text files, Chinese-language access to the WWW, and resources for programmers of Chinese software. The Page aims to be a comprehensive site of use to anyone with an interest in Chinese, including speakers of Chinese languages, students, scholars, teachers, linguists, translators, programmers, and East Asiatic librarians. October 17, 1994 The Illinois Natural History Survey would like to introduce its www server. Information provided by the following: Center for Aquatic Ecology, Center for Biodiversity, Center for Economic Entomology and the Center for Wildlife Ecology. Survey reports, a bi-monthly publication, weekly information from our education section and many other publications will be made available. Also many survey collections will be available at a later date. Information about the 1994 Kentucky State Fair as well as Louisville Visitor Information is now available. Presented by IgLou Internet Services. The Department of Mathematics, Hong Kong Baptist College at Hong Kong would like to announce their World Wide Wide Server. The Oak Ridge National Laboratory Environmental Sciences Division proudly announces the availability of its Community Day Scrapbook. The second Community Day, held on June 4, 1994, was a huge success. The scrapbook contains photos from exhibits and a special scrapbook of visitors including their photos and audio files. The Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology, a non-profit educational organization in Washington, DC, is pleased to announce Solstice, a file server with information on renewable energy, energy efficiency, the environment, and sustainable development. Solstice is funded by the U.S. Department of Energy and the Education Foundation of America. Announcing the World Rally Championship Infosystem on WWW: Rally reports, news and other information on the FIA World Rally Championship. Diskovery Educational Systems is pleased to announce the Diskovery Educational Systems' Electronic Pricing Guide, providing the latest product information and educational pricing on software, CD-ROM's, accessories, peripherals, books and videos. For info on PC viruses or Windows-based workgroup productivity, visit the new Data Fellows WWW server. It offers information on the current PC virus situation complete with a searchable virus information database. You can also find information on Data Fellows' workgroup and anti-virus products; there are white papers and demonstrations available for instant downloading. National United Service Agencies, (N|USA) a non-profit federation representing some of the best known and respected charities in the nation, has now entered the world of cyberspace. In order to promote awareness in charitable giving, and provide extensive information on its member charities, N|USA has fielded a Web server that highlights its participating charities. The N|USA server also provides a wealth of information for companies that want to select a workplace-giving campaign. A WWW server is now officially available at the Mississippi State University Center For Air Sea Technology (CAST), located at the Stennis Space Center in southern Mississippi. The Center's focus is on research dealing with oceanographic and meteorological data, including numerical modeling. In support of this research, CAST specializes in development and application of: database management systems; graphics and visualization; application programming interfaces; graphical user interfaces; and software systems integration. Brought to you by everyday, working class folks with expensive computers, The TV Nation WWW Page is a repository for info and trivia for all fans of the Michael Moore-produced television program, TV Nation. WordsWorth Books, an independent bookstore in Harvard Square, Cambridge MA, would like to announce the birth of their web site. The site allows access to a subset of their database, announcements of new titles, New York Times Bestsellers among other things. Reading to a young child is so important! Numbers, colors and rhymes will stimulate your child as you read to them from Personal IMPRESSION`S Personalized Children's Books--now available on the WWW. The Earth Pledge Foundation is a non-profit organization promoting Sustainable Development. The art works shown here were donated to the Earth Pledge Foundation by the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation in support of the United Nation's International Conference on Population and Development and the United Nation's Conference on Environment and Development. Bellcore Security Products are now available through the WWW. This page contains a list of several UNIX security software products and course listings which may prove enlightening to those who are interested in the field of computer and network security. The Corcoran Department of History, University of Virginia, announces the on-line publication of Essays in History, a referreed journal printing articles by University of Virginia graduate and undergraduate students. Volumes 35 and 36 are currently on-line. From volume 36 onward, this journal will appear in an electronic format only. EMBL, the European Molecular Biology Laboratory in Heidelberg, Germany, announces its first conference on OOCNS - Object-Oriented Computing in the Natural Sciences hosted in Heidelberg from 22-25 November, 1994. Topics will comprise: * problems/challenges from different fields (MolBio, Ecology, Astronomy, High Energy Physics, Geology) * scientific data archives, OODB's * scientific visualization and data manipulation * existing OO-environments * Demonstrations, Workshops and more The National Marine Fisheries Service announces its homepage. The server includes links to the NOAA home page as well as links to National Marine Fisheries Science Centers and NMFS related sites. In addition, the books Our Living Oceans Annual Report 1993 and Index for Fisheries of the U.S -1992 are available online. There are also home pages for certain NMFS office including The Office of Protected Resources which contains a brochure called Protecting the Nation's Marine Species which gives a listing of endangered and threatened species. This page also has various marine sounds and mpeg movies. ClariNet Communications Corp. announces that its Web server is open to the public. It contains free sample news from the ClariNews electronic newspaper, as well as detailed descriptions of ClariNews' contents and information on subscription prices. Documentation is also available for subscribers or those interested in subscribing: how to use ClariNews, lists of the ClariNews groups and other details. The Arctic Region Supercomputing Center, located at the University of Alaska Fairbanks campus, is a high performance computing and network facility supporting environmental research and science with an emphasis on the high latitudes and the Arctic. The University of Missouri - Columbia would like to announce its SHOWME World Wide Web server. It's offered as the university's central World Wide Web server, in addition to Physics SGI Lab WWW server, and MU NeXT WWW server. Sandelman Software Works is an Ottawa based Unix contractor with an activist slant. We are currently home to can.infohighway archives, as well as the Hydro-Electric impact archives. International Teletimes, an award-winning electronic magazine from Vancouver, Canada announces its World Wide Web edition. The May issue is now online (after a long wait) as well as the October 1993 anniversary issue. The server has undergone some touch-ups such as improved icons as well as completely new forms features. Among the new forms is an automatic Reader Response Card and automatic Voting. A WWW server for the NEWSGROUP BIONET.SOFTWARE.WWW is now on-line which holds Updates, Announcements and Discussions of biology-related WWW server and other services using protocols accessible via networks. The Server is run on the Swiss Node of the European Molecular Biology Network (EMBnet). (See also, the EMBnet Newsletter. The Human-Rights page of the Essex University WWW now contains information on the Balkans, East Timor, Inhumane-Weapons, relief organizations - including the ICRC press releases, refugee studies project; and more. John Butler at the Computer Science Department at Edinburgh University invites you to tour and contribute to his Scotch Malt Whisky pages. Readers can tour the 100 or so malt whisky distilleries or consult the tasting reviews submitted by members of the smws@bbn.com mailing list. There are additional items on the technology and terminology of malt whisky tasting and manufacture. Slainte! A trip report from Steven Grimm's 1993 visit to Russia is online. It includes a travelogue, descriptions of places of interest and over 80 photographs from Moscow, St. Petersburg and others. Collectors of everything from Trading Cards to Bottles will find help in The Collectors Network. For information regarding placing a message or Classified Ad, contact: owner-collectors-list@netcom.com. VIBE, the magazine of urban music (Jazz, Blues, Reggae, Hip Hop, Rap) and youth culture is proud to announce VibeOnline! -- a free service on the World Wide Web. Featuring isMapped covers as navigation interfaces, full text and photos excerpted from the paper version and a library of the latest music releases, VibeOnline! breaks new grounds in Internet publishing. VIBE is a joint venture between affiliates of Quincy Jones/David Salzman Entertainment and Time publishing Ventures, Inc. Literary Kicks is all about the Beat Generation and the writers that created it, especially Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg. ImageMaker's Gifts for Dog Lovers has something to delight every dog owner. From quilts to coffee mugs, all items are uniquely hand-crafted with artwork from artist Monique Akar. Monique has created exquisite pen and ink drawings of all 156 dog breeds for over 15 years. She is known world-wide for her ability to capture each breed perfectly, from the texture of their coats to their unique facial expressions. Good Medicine Magazine is proud to announce the publication of an Internet Edition on the World Wide Web. Good Medicine Magazine is a bimonthly publication on preventive medicine for better health. Good Medicine Magazine joins other pages about health and fitness related matters: The Alexander Technique, Palo Alto Medical Foundation - Schedule of classes, Human Performance - The Art of Imaging. The first announcement of the International Conference on AIDS-Vancouver 1996 scheduled to be held from July 7-12, 1996 in Vancouver is now available on the WWW. This will be the next International Conference after the Yokohama Conference held in August 1994 and is expected to attract as many as 15,000 delegates from 130 countries around the globe. The student newspaper at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University would like to announce that its weekly publication, The Avion, is available for browsing via the World Wide Web. The Avion Online's Homepage will serve as ERAU students' online information headquarters, including student activities, parking area reminders and other WWW links. The newspaper is put together by a volunteer staff. Otaniemi Science Park is Marketplace for Science, Product Development and Business Activities. Read about the companies in Otaniemi Area. The Speech, Vision and Robotics (SVR) Group of Cambridge University Engineering Department is now on the Web. Apart from information about the Group and its research, including some personal home pages, there are a growing number of links to related (and not so related!) sites. The Transis Home Page - The Distributed Computing Laboratory at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem has developed Transis - a high availability tool that provides high performance group communication, with unique capabilities for coping with network partitions. All the papers of the Transis project can be found in this home page, including works on: * Reliable communication protocols * Membership protocols * Replication services using Transis * Theoretical background * Transis applications SUCCEED is proud to announce its new Electronic Connectivity Home Page. The electronic connectivity page is maintained by Deliverables Team - 5 (DT-5). DT-5 is investigating connectivity issues that are relevant to distance learning, research collaboration and information dissemination. Some of the technologies that we have examined include video conferencing, groupware and of course the WWW! The Department of Distributed Information Systems at the University of Technology Vienna offers, aside from lecture and research information, a transparent gateway into BIBOS (the Austrian OPAC), a gateway into X.500 and pictures and sounds of Björk Gudmundspsttir, Tori Amos. The Caenorhabditis elegans WWW server at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center contains information about C elegans and the commmunity of C elegans researchers. C elegans is a small soil nematode used for genetic, developmental and neurobiological studies. FedWorld is an electronic gateway to U.S. Government information operated by the Department of Commerce's National Technical Information Service (NTIS). FedWorld services include: * More than 100 U.S. Government information servers, WWW and gopher clients, sorted by subject catagories. * The NTIS Home Page provides information on the more than 2 million U.S. Government information products available from NTIS. The new edition of the LI NewsWire 1.4 is hereby published for browsing on the Internet. Top stories this month include a report on Dialog's new pricing scheme, a look at UMI's new online service, the European Union's recommendations on a `Information Highway', new ATM trials, news from Excalibur, Folio, BT, ICL, among other stories and features. The American Institute of Physics (AIP) is pleased to announce its presence on the World Wide Web. Featuring information of interest to the global physics community, including the AIP Employment Opportunities Database, the AIP server is undergoing continuous evolution and invites anyone interested in the physical sciences, from students to scientists, to access its growing array of information services. DJO Jewelers features the finest in quality, fashionable Jewelry for men and women. From handsome men's watches to sparkling diamond rings and earrings, DJO Jewelers can deliver satisfaction. Order online for quick service. DJO has been operating for 16 years in the Washinton, DC area and its jewelers are certified in the appraisal of fine diamonds and gemstones. DJO is part of the DigiMark content dissemination network. The Internet Solution is South Africa's premier Internet service provider. A very concise list of commercial WWW servers is maintained at this site, as is the list of South African WWW servers. The Internet Solution has strong ties with the press, financial institutions and the commercial sector; watch this server for announcements about new on-line services. In a revolutionary spin on business use of the Information Superhighway, The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc. (SCO) and Pizza Hut, Inc. today announced "PizzaNet," a pilot program that enables computer users, for the first time, to electronically order pizza delivery from their local Pizza Hut restaurant via the worldwide Internet. PizzaNet pilot in the Santa Cruz area, launched by Pizza Hut on August 22, will be used to study the feasibility of expanding the program to other cities in the U.S. and around the world. Technology for the pilot program includes the SCO Global Access product, which incorporates advanced NCSA Mosaic software for browsing the Internet, as well as custom application software developed by SCO's Professional Services organization. For more information, please see the SCO/Pizza Hut Press Release. Experience reality in a virtual world. Cyberia is a television series featuring computer animation and techno music video. It airs on U Network, a national network of college television stations in the USA, and Energy TV in Denmark. Cyberia was one of the first television programs to integrate VR technology into television broadcasting. This site features quicktime movies of these virtual environments, plus the program guides, graphics, audio files, animations and videos. A developmental biology teaching fileserver, zygote has been appended to the fourth edition of the textbook "Developmental Biology" by Scott Gilbert (Sinauer Associates, Sunderland, MA, 1994). It is hoped that this fileserver will enable its readers to update and amend the book and thereby prevent its going out of date too rapidly. Also, the fileserver provides students and professors space to add new material and to see the insights of others. One does not need to use or buy the textbook to utilize this fileserver. The Oregon Graduate Institute (OGI) Department of Computer Science & Engineering is proud to announce its WWW server at http://www.cse.ogi.edu/. OGI is a private, graduate-only institution in Portland, Oregon dedicated to research in scientific and technical fields. The CSE department is noted for its world-class research in, amongst other areas, spoken language understanding, distributed and data-intensive systems and software engineering systems. NYU Medical Center wishes to announce that the NIH-Guide for Grants and Contracts is on line via the WWW. The information provided here uses the database that NYU has maintained since 1990 when NIH began distribution the Guide via E-mail. The server is updated weekly using the information NIH distributes: it is not an official service of the NIH. Looking for Japanese Animation? David Gaxiola is pleased to announce his Anime Resources and Info page. This page contains links to Anime associations across the Web, other Anime-related pages, an Anime FTP sites list, links to Gopher sites and much more. The Department of Journalism, Media and Communication (JMK) at Stockholm University is proud to announce the release of Aftonbladet/KULTUR - a monthly cultural magazine. This is the result of a collaborative project between JMK and the Swedish daily newspaper Aftonbladet. Project leader Mark Comerford will be happy to answer any questions. Georgia Institute of Technology College of Computing located in Atlanta, Georgia, announces a new server. This server provides information regarding current research, academic information, student information, and technical reports. Various research centers associated with the College of Computing are represented via this server as well. New services are being added daily. A new page on Music Instruction Software has items of interest to instrumental music instructors and beginning to intermediate music students (particularly piano students). The page has pointers to software designed to help the student master basic notation, ear training, music theory and music history. Mark A. Gaither of HaL Computer Systems in Austin, TX, announces a weekly NFL Pool via the WWW. This pool has no monetary requirement. The user must have a WWW browser with forms support to play. All forms, summaries and results are auto-magically generated by several CGI scripts written by Mark Gaither. The University of Florida School of Forest Resources and Conservation would like to announce its new WWW server. This site contains information about the academic programs, research, facilities, personnel, etc. at the SFRC. Southern Connecticut State University is proud to announce its WWW Server. It provides campus information as well as links to other campus servers and the SCSU Gopher. Mofile Place announces the availability of its WWW server. Mofile Place is an international commercial Web magazine with articles, interviews, columnns, recreational pages, ISOC info, company promotional material. The server is based in Helsinki, Finland. Mofile Place will eventually offer a full range of Finland topics: Sauna, Santa Claus and Sibelius, Lapland, Finnish politics, economics, language, culture, travel. Commercially Mofile Place is a gateway for Finnish companies requiring presence in Web and for overseas companies wanting to do business in Helsinki/St.Petersburg area. Someone named Jeremy (Bornstein or Nguyen, you pick) announces his relatively new home page, Stamp of Bear. DISCscribe invites you to see pretty pictures of Atlantic Canada, browse through the corporate profiles, and read the conference documentation. Canada's first professional taiko group, Uzume Taiko, has made the first edition of the OO ZOO MAY news available online. Features include biographies and an update by the Artistic Director. The Oxford Forestry Insitute, Oxford University now offers a WWW server. This server will provide: * OFI occasional papers * OFI and Department of Plant Sciences Annual reports * OFI and Department of Plant Sciences Staff Contact Details * Summaries of Current Research projects at OFI and Department of Plant Sciences * Links to Other Forestry Resources on the Internet * Livestock Research for Rural Developement and other Electronic Publications To understand the excitement of a Columbia education, you must experience it first hand; however, Columbia: An Introduction, with more than 50 color images of life at Columbia University in the City of New York, is the next best thing. The Columbia WorldWide Web Server offers a growing list of departmental and academic services, such as the 1994-95 Columbia College Bulletin. Introducing Web Nation, bringing you Web Page Storage for your corporate pages for just Pennies A Day. Your pages will be placed in the IQuest Storefront and full announcements will be automatically made for you on the Web. Use the Web Page creation service to have stunning pages created for you, or simply house your existing pages on IQuest's server. Custom server code, remailers, searchers, credit card handling and other special needs also cheerfully handled. Web Nation is a service of IQuest and cookware. The students at the Boyd Grad Lab, a computer lab located at the University of Georgia have created their own WWW server. It contains information on the students themselves, the University and its computing facilities (including maps of the facilities), and a comprehensive information page on the WWW. The Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department at Union College, Schenectady, New York is pleased to announce its electrical engineering and computer science web servers. The NASA Ames Biocomputation Center is pleased to announce the 3D Reconstruction Home Page. This page contains information about software, data sets, images/movies, references and pointers to related Internet information (Web/News/Gopher/FTP) pertaining to the reconstruction and visualization of biomedical data from CAT, MRI, PET, confocal, light and electron microscopy. Texas Center for Superconductivity at the University of Houston (TCSUH) is proud to announce the availability of its World Wide Web server. The server contains information on the center's research programs, facilities and opportunities for industrial collaboration. Information on educational opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students is available as well. This site has a request form for those interested in receiving TCSUH's Newsletter and Preprint Series. Intergraph Corporation, developer of the Technical Desktop -- the combination of compatible technical applications and personal productivity tools in a single desktop computer -- announces Intergraph Online, a new information resource about the company's products and services. Intergraph's hardware and software products are used for computer-aided engineering, design, analysis, manufacturing, publishing, and earth sciences such as mapping/geographical information systems. Stern School of Business, New York University, is pleased to annnounce a new web server at the Stern School Information Systems Department. It provides information regarding the Department of Information Systems at Leonard N Stern School of Business, New York University. This includes information on graduate programs, courses, teaching materials and research projects. The Stanford University Footbag Club is now on the Web. The home page gives information on the international sport of footbag, similar to the American game played with the Hacky Sack(R) or Sipa Sipa(R). You will also find information about footbag events (festivals, tournaments, demos and regular meetings). Universidad del Valle, a major research university with more than 20,000 students, is located in Cali, Colombia - South America. The goal of Colombia's first WWW server (in spanish) is to provide information about the University, publish students' work and offer the latest volcano activity in southern Colombia. It will also provide on-line access to Noti Red, the university's network bulletin. Links to other WWW points in Colombia will be added soon. Announcing Footbag WorldWide -- a growing collection of information about the popular new sport of footbag, also known as Hacky Sack(R). From results of the recent World Footbag Championships to information on footbag clubs and leagues around the world, Footbag WorldWide is a global footbag information source. Hamline University is proud to announce its presence on the World Wide Web. Hamline University (in St Paul, MN) is celebrating its 140th year in 1994, which makes it the oldest university in Minnesota. This server offers information about its academic programs and links to many interesting places on the WWW. WombatNet provides low hassle, full Internet connections in the San Francisco Bay Area at a reasonable cost. WombatNet customers can use multiple graphical tools to access WWW (Mosaic), gopher, news, ftp and email services while connected. Based in Palo Alto, WombatNet specializes in Macintosh connections (but Windows and Unix are also supported), primarily using dialup IP service (PPP accounts), and makes connecting your Mac to the Internet as easy as double-clicking the installer. Mail info@batnet.com for more information. The Human Genome Center at Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas, would like to announce their new Sequence Annotation Server. This WWW server allows researchers to add their own annotations to NCBI:Entrez DNA and protein sequence reports. The Annotation Server is intended as a method for molecular biologists to easily share new information about sequences, e.g., new features, interesting sequence matches, domain identifications, etc. Glass Wings has released on the Internet its first issues of Giggle, a magazine of humour and the imaginative arts, and Sensual Celebrations, a tasteful magazine for all sexes dealing with human sexuality: health, information and creative expression. Glass Wings is a companion project of Xanadu Australia. Rome Laboratory, the US Air Force's Super Lab for Command, Control, Communications & Intelligence (C3I) technology would like to announce its WWW information service. A sample of the RL WWW's offerings include: * Interactive Air Force WWW map * On-line Tours * Technology Transfer Databases * and of course the Web Cam The International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology is announcing its World-Wide Web server. The server includes access to SBASE, the database of annotated protein domains; a form-based interface for submitting protein sequences to BLAST-SBASE mailserver; and an on-line directory of P450-containing systems. The National Electron Accelerator Laboratory for Nuclear Physics and Synchrotron Radiation Research at Lund University, Sweden is pleased to announce its WWW server for MAX-lab. Fluent Incorporated is happy to announce the availability of the Fluent Inc. World-Wide Web server. It contains Fluent Inc. product information and announcements, support information, world-wide distributor and support offices, applications in Computational Fluid Dynamics and archives of the current netnews CFD newsgroups (sci.physics.computational.fluid-dynamics, sci.mech.fluids and sci.geo.fluids). Abstract Technologies is now on the WWW serving up information on their hot new graphics adapters for RS/6000 workstations. WWW Test Drive & Assault Course. This page presents a variety of multimedia exhibits and resource tools demonstrating the capabilities of the WWW. The page is suitable for testing a browser and its associated viewers, it is also a convenient place to begin for demonstration purposes once a browser has been successfully installed. P.DEVELOPMENTS LTD [1989] has published a new manual on how anyone can work from home and generate an income through direct marketing. It has everything you need to get started immediately! A Multimedia Ink Design. The Health Sciences Computer Center at the Faculty of Medicine in the state of Kuwait, would like to announce its WWW server. The server provides information on the Faculty of medicine (FOM), the Health Sciences Computer Center (HSCC) and Kuwait. Also, it provides links to other places around the world. The new WWW server for Cambridge University Press has recently gone full online. The server supplies information about all aspects of the Press, including a brief illustrated history, pages on current projects and details of new titles with scans of jackets. There is also a growing list of links to other publishing and book-related servers worldwide. Details on methods of contacting the Press are available via links to the Cambridge University Press gopher server and the Press complete online catalogue. Standards and Metrology Institute of the Republic of Slovenia (SMIS) is proud to announce their new World-Wide Web server. It contains information about the work of the Institute, its staff and publications. Links to various standards organizations around the world are also available. The University of Pennsylvania is proud to announce the first of its kind Interactive Textbook of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. Bell Atlantic's Center for Networked Multimedia has set up a WWW server which provides a complete description of itself and links to other Bell Atlantic homepages. UNLV Web Central would like to announce that UNLV Magazine is now online at www.nscee.edu, the official center of internet information for UNLV. UNLV Magazine , published twice each academic year, includes many feature articles, a calendar of events, and news about the university. The Klingon Language Institute is proud to announce the opening of its World-Wide Web site. The KLI is a non-profit organization (mIpchoHbe'bogh DIvI') dedicated to the study of the Klingon language (created for the Star Trek movies) as a linguistic and artistic area of study. You can find out about the various projects the KLI sponsors and what to do if you're interested in starting out in Klingon. Also available is the FTP site. Information about Crohns Disease, Ulcerative Colitis and Irritable Bowel Syndrome can now be found at the CD/UC/IBD WWW server. FAQs, archives of the newsgroup alt.support.crohns-colitis, are or will be available shortly. Enter the contest to design a logo and you may win a valuable prize. Bellcore's Trusted Software Integrity System, Betsi, addresses a security concern of software distribution on the Internet. The Geophysics Group of the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Purdue University would like to announce the Purdue Geophysics Home Page. The page contains links to current research, departmental faculty, graduate students and miscellaneous individual home pages for a variety of subjects. The Department of Information Studies at Sheffield University, UK, has a new and faster section on the Web. In it, there are details on courses, research and publications in/by the Department. There are also own pages for staff and students within the department, as well as: * library and Information Science Internet resources links, * a page of links to assist in searching the Internet and * a section on Internet tools and resources. The Scientific Support Group of Molecular Simulations Inc. is very pleased to announce that it is making its WWW server available to the Web. The server contains information about MSI products such as QUANTA and Cerius2, electronic versions of the MSI Scientific Support Bulletin and a searchable hypertext version of the CHARMM online documentation, along with other items related to molecular modeling! The CIESIN Baltics Regional Node is pleased to announce the list of Estonia Network Resources available. WWW Server is developed as an initiative to identify, document and provide access to information on the Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania). It is being coordinated in each country by the National Steering Committees. This node is being developed with the Consortium for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN) and the United Nations Development Programme Sustainable Development Network (UNDP SDN). Apple Computer, Inc. is pleased to announce an Apple Computer Support and Information Website. Apple provides a page for updates to Apple software. Their site, www.info.apple.com, also contains page for searching Apple's Technical Information Library. For programmers, they have the complete Macintosh Technical Notes online as well as a variety of opinions and information about Macintosh programming. Rocky Mountain Digital Peeks, a publisher of nature and educational CD-ROMs announces the availability of their WWW server. Information about the company, its products, software updates, screen graphics, ordering information and discounts for Internet users can be located on the server. RMDP publishes the unique "Virtual Landscape" CD-ROM featuring "virtual hiking" in the Rockies. The University of Rhode Island Graduate School of Oceanography is pleased to announce that its extensive archive of sea surface temperature data is now accessible using NCSA Mosaic. This archive contains in excess of 20,000 1024 by 1024 images with a resolution of 5km/pixel. Image coverage includes the Great Lakes and the Atlantic Ocean. The hotel industry has announced a World Wide Web site called TravelWeb , which industry officials expect to become THE place on the Internet to learn about lodging properties and -- starting later this year -- to book them. Hyatt's 16 resorts in the U.S, Caribbean and Hawaii are the first to be featured in the colorful TravelWeb catalog, which is sponsored by a hotel-industry-owned electronic switch company called THISCO. The Hyatt Resorts each average 21 pages of information and 13 graphics. Live! from Texas A&M University - its Bonfire. Each year, thousands of Texas A&M University students work together to build a massive Bonfire - 55 feet high with a circumference of 195 feet - that symbolizes their "burning desire" to beat the University of Texas in the annual football game. Watch the stack being built. Images are updated every 10 minutes and an MPEG of progress to date is continually mantained. MathSoft, Inc., a purveyor of cool and useful software calculation tools for engineers, educators and students, is pleased to announce that its Web server is now available. In addition to providing information about MathSoft products -- including Mathcad, the Mathcad Library of Electronic Books, S-PLUS interactive data analysis software and related third-party products -- the MathSoft server provides technical support information, neat mathematical images, pointers to research papers on wavelets, application files ready for downloading and links to related, interesting sites on the Web. A new WWW server for the City of Carlsbad, California, USA is here. The National Biological Survey's Environmental Management Technical Center (NBS EMTC) announces its WWW server. The EMTC, located in Onalaska, Wisconsin, USA, is a center for ecological monitoring and analysis and currently manages the largest river-related inventory, monitoring, research, spatial analysis, and information sharing program in the United States. The Ithaca Swing Dance Network has a new home page devoted to swing dancing. In addition to giving details of dance events in and around Ithaca, NY, the page includes details of swing dance clubs and societies all over the United States and lists of good dance music, as well as tips on good dancing, and pointers to other dance-related resources on the Internet. In conjunction with the upcoming Hemispheric Summit of the Americas, Florida International University's Latin American and Caribbean Center announces a summit Internet site created in cooperation with Tandem Computers and Sprint. SummitNet serves as the premier, centralized information source on the historic event to be held in Miami, December 9-11, 1994. The Maui Small Business Development Center has a WWW site that demonstrates the use of the WWW to communicate with and support small businesses in a local community. There is also an online tutorial on Starting A New Venture that is designed to be broadly applicable. Anyone traveling to Hawaii over the next few months should look at ArtTech Maui '94, a festival of art and technology. 3DWeb, a www server dedicated exclusively to three-dimensional computer graphics and animation, is offering a starting point for exploration of the field, as well as an on-line job board where resumes and job offers can be posted. First Virtual Holdings Incorporated has introduced a fully operational commerce system that allows anyone with an email address to buy or sell information, with no encryption, no special software, serious controls against fraud, and a very moderate fee structure. The system is usable with existing WWW, FTP and email clients. Full information is available from or First Virtual Home Page. Here you can find out the latest information relating to Persian Gulf War Veteran issues, what resources are available to help if you have been having problems since returning from the Persian Gulf, and how you can help promote Gulf War veteran issues. Interactive Age, a new publication covering content, technology and communications for the information highway, is introducing its Web site. The site features editorial content from the publications as well as material not published in print. Synthesist and computer artist Randy Walters is pleased to announce the debut of RandyLand, an evolving gallery of original images, animation, and music. Stop by for information on receiving a free copy of his new CD "Endorphia", scheduled for release this coming spring. DNA TO DINOSAURS! a new interactive exhibit from The Field Museum of Natural History and the Biomedical Visualization Dept. at UIC is now online. Take a look at some of Earth's largest, most successful land animals. Join WBBM TV Channel 2 in Chicago's news team as they report the evolutionary news. See animations of how three different kinds of dinosaurs moved. Take a 3-D look at the business end of dry land's biggest killing machine! Hear a pronunciation guide of tongue-twisting dinosaur names. Take a tour through an exhibit 3.8 billion years in the making! The AVHRR Ocean Pathfinder Project at Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California is proud to announce its WWW server. The AVHRR Pathfinder Home Page includes information of data set products for studies of Global Sea Surface Temperature. The data sets are derived from the Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR) on the NOAA/TIROS (-7, -9 and -11) which provide continuous daily, composite data sets from 1981 through the present. Good Health in a Toxic World by Sara Shannon is now available over the World Wide Web. This book contains recipes, meditation and relaxation techniques, easy effective daily exercises and much more. It is an essential volume for everyone living in our high-tech, high-risk world. The National Library of Poetry announces the North American Open Amateur Poetry Contest. The National Library of Poetry is especially looking for poems from new or unpublished poets. $24,000 in prizes will be awarded. The contest is open to everyone and entry is free. You can enter by mail, or on-line. Move over Elvis...Marilyn Monroe postage stamps are finally released! The island nation of St. Vincent has issued a limited edition set of nine different legal tender postage stamps that commemorate the starlet's life and career. The stamps are displayed actual size in full color. You can even order a set on-line. October 16, 1994 Solar Panel Products presents a plug-and-play solar panel for your radio, scanner, walkman, small DC TV and many other devices running C and D batteries. See how simple it is to use the sun with your every day devices. Setting up WWW pages? The CyberWeb is a resource center for WWW developers, organised like the usenet newsgroups under comp.infosystems.www The Carnegie Mellon University Center for Machine Translation announces the availability of the Lycos WWW search engine on the Fuzine WWW server. Lycos provides probabilitistic retrieval of over 390,000 WWW documents, with more being added every week. In addition to document pointers, Lycos provides match score, WWW links, an outline, keyword list and excerpt for each of the top 50 documents matching your query. biancaTroll Productions announces the official WWW pages of The Lollapalooza '94 Festival. Look here for information about the bands, poets, and political groups who will be performing and proselytizing at every show. The Mining Channel - an indepth look at exploration and mining companies who are publicly trading on stock exchanges around the world. Learn everything necessary to make good investment decisions by reviewing The Mining Channel. Snapshots, full reports and the latest news releases are available. Full reports contain comprehensive geological reports, color maps and company details. Announcing a new edition of CYBERKIND, a World Wide Web magazine of 'Net-related fiction, nonfiction, poetry and art. CYBERKIND features prose and art submitted by the Internet population. All genres and subjects are included, as long as there is some connection to the Internet, cyberspace, computers or the networked world in general. The second edition features an article on memes by Joshua S. Lateiner, a tale of a virtual-reality goddess by Jim Clarage and the first exhibit in the newly opened art gallery. Also, if you missed the first edition, all of the original poetry, short stories and articles are still available for reading. EUnet Slovakia would like to present Slovakia Document Store, a comprehensive source of information about Slovak Republic, including High Tatra Mountains Guide and many links to other Slovakia-related resources. NYU's Center for Digital Multimedia has begun to host home pages for its affiliates on its Web server and would like to announce the opening of the FILMMAKER magazine home page, with excerpts from its current issue. FILMMAKER is an informative and irreverent magazine that focuses on independent movie-making. The Kraftwerk Infobahr is an area that houses information about the most important group in music history. Here you can find a complete discography, lyrics, images, interviews, a trading corner and much more. Greenpeace Switzerland, Kontaktgruppe Zürich would like to announce a public opinion poll concerning OZONE and a raffle for tram tickets: Zürich zum Nulltarif - Umfrage über OZON und Verlosung von Regenbogenkarten der VBZ. (FillOutForms) The Stillwater, Oklahoma, Chamber of Commerce would like to announce its Web page providing general information about the community and its economic opportunities. Some of the features include a community overview, a look at the public schools, and information about the quality of life in Stillwater. The University of Pennsylvania Solar Car Team is proud to announce their inclusion to the web, available off of Penn's School of Engineering and Applied Science server. The Cherry L. EMERSON CENTER for Scientific Computation at Emory University would like to announce its HTTP/gopher server. Points of interest are: The Center's Visiting Fellows Program and Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowships. The site is also home of the AIX FAQ for the IBM rs6k, with full text search option. Addresses, announcements, and job-related informations can be found in the ACS' Theoretical Chemistry Database. You can even mail-in a pre-application FORM while browsing the Chemistry Department's Graduate Brochure. Links to many chemistry sites, and to various manuals. Gary Wright at the UMDS would like to announce the arrival of an unofficial Newcastle United supporter's page. The editors and staff of The MIT Press, invite you to browse through their on-line catalogues featuring recent books (1993-1994) and current journals. The MIT Press is one of the world's leading scholarly technical publishers, offering texts and monographs in the computational and cognitive sciences, architecture, photography, art and literary theory, economics, environmental science, and linguistics. Issue 2 of the Internet Index, an occasional compilation of facts and statistics about the Internet, is now available on the World-Wide Web. Virtual Contractor has moved to a new server site. This is a free service connecting computer contractors around the world with people who need their services. The Cookware Contracting Home Page has moved to a new site. Cookware offers computer software contracting for Silicon Graphics and PC platforms. 911 Gallery offers computer graphic and mixed media art by various artists. Come on in and learn about various artists, or stroll through the Print Gallery and view latest works. Home Page Authoring has moved to a new server site. HPA offers Web server storage, home page authoring services and other private and public WWW software solutions. IQuest Network Services home page has been updated and comes to you via a new, fast, WWW server. IQuest offers WWW storage for your pages (HTML's), use of the IQuest WWW server, full Internet accounts, and a host of other networking options. The department of Computer Science of the Hogeschool Eindhoven (the Hogeschool has more than 13,000 students), Faculty of Engineering would like to announce its WWW-server. It contains information about the department of Computer Science. The well-known HCI Bibliography (that holds some 10,000 references to literature on human-computer interaction, including hypertext/hypermedia) has made available on the Hyper-G server of Graz University of Technology. The UK rock band Sweet Thursday would like to announce the prescence of a slightly experimental home page devoted to their existence, with an updated UK gig guide and digitised song soundbites etc. The Verein der Freunde und Föerderer der Chemieolympiade in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland e.V. (Association to support the Chemistry Olympiad in Germany) is running a new World Wide Web server. This server contains information on the International Chemistry Olympiad to support the contact between different countries. Moreover it contains information on the activities for the Chemistry Olympiad in Germany. Chairman of the Verein der Freunde und Förderer der Chemieolympiade e.V. is J.-D. Grunwaldt. The Center for Imaging and Pharmaceutical Research (CIPR), at Massachusetts General Hospital, is proud to announce its online WWW server. The server contains a video brochure of the Center, along with published results of independent and collaborative research spanning four critical areas: Contrast Agents in Diagnostic Imaging, Chemistry, Nanotherapeutics, and the Central Nervous System. CIPR collaborates with both academic researchers and industrial sponsors. Oak Ridge National Laboratory is pleased to announce the addition to their home page of the Physics Division Web Server (devoted to nuclear and atomic physics), educational opportunities from the Office of Science Education and External Relations, Ph.D. Job Openings and the latest ORNL Research News for 1994. The Cairo Conference Homepage will provide news, photos, official documents and statements from the United Nations Conference on Population and Development, to be held in Egypt from 5-13 September 1994. This service is part of a new multimedia resource for environment and development decision makers called Linkages, providing a full hypertext version of the Earth Negotiations Bulletin and links to relevant materials related to multilateral negotiations. Linkages and the Cairo Conference Homepage are provided by the International Institute for Sustainable Development. The Earth Pledge Foundation is a non-profit organization promoting Sustainable Development. The art works shown here were donated to the Earth Pledge Foundation by the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation in support of the United Nation's International Conference on Population and Development and the United Nation's Conference on Environment and Development. The Washington DC New Homes Guide is pleased to announce its on-line edition. It can be found on the Homebuyer's Fair, where you also may obtain a free subscription to The DC Guide or a Guide from any one of 22 other cities around the nation. You may contact several mortgage lenders in your state using an electronic postcard. Buzz Aldrin,(tm) in commemoration of the 25th Anniversary of the 1st Moon Walk would like to announce the launch of Buzz Aldrin's (tm) Space Watch Home Page. This limited duration Web-Site offers historical information, images, links, and a unique collectable memento to help celebrate the success of the Apollo 11 Mission and to stimulate mature thinking about future space policies and exploration. Comics on the Internet? You Bet! Announcing the debut of Freehand Comics. The Web has opened new vistas for the visual arts. Announcing the AVHRR Land Pathfinder Data Set WWW Home page. These pages include sample images and important information about the AVHRR Land Pathfinder Data Set. The AVHRR Land Pathfinder Data Set is a long term terrestrial 8km resolution data set useful for studying global change derived from the AVHRR instrument. NetManage would like to announce their new home page with Interactive data sheets. The NetManage home page contains product information about the Chameleon product line and NetManage's newest product, Internet Chameleon. The NetManage online data sheets contain information and screen shots of NetManage's 24 TCP/IP for Windows applications. The NetManage home page also includes company information, a form for receiving more information and starting points to numerous interesting sites on the Internet. Loviél Computer Corporation announces the availability of its World-Wide-Web server, the first to offer a wide range of high-end systems and peripherals for the multimedia or graphic design professional. Included in the Web are products and product specs from companies such as Quantum, Seagate, Radius, CoSA, Macintosh, SyQuest, Micropolos, and more. Also, if you're new to the high-end multimedia and graphics game, you'll definitely want to see the Flagship Solution for the Multimedia Professional. Jacob Goldman's Car Export Service exports any make/model/year cars from California to anywhere in the world. If you're looking for a hard to find collectible, or just want a good price on a new car, check out this web center. Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits are now available online! The University of Washington School of Medicine has designated the digital teaching file on the UW Radiology Webserver for credit hours in Category I of the Physicians Recognition Award of the American Medical Association. Other learning modules are currently available on this server and will also be available for CME credit soon. This server includes the following items: * Radiology Teaching File * Anatomy Teaching Modules * Radiology Exhibits from UW * Information on UW radiology residency and fellowship programs * Image processing software written by UW faculty The Science University of Tokyo is pleased to announce its new WWW server. This server contains information about the various campuses and other related facilities of the university. There is a fair sprinkling of small mpeg animation sequences about the university facilities. You are also welcome to use the SunSITE Japan archive server. Plugged In provides computer-based learning experiences to children and families from low-income communities. Its homepage includes curriculum ideas, a list of computer resources, an interactive kids' art gallery and finished projects by kids. A set of Web Tutorial Slides, written in HTML by Mark Maimone, is now available. Although some parts are necessarily site-specific (e.g. how to install a new home page), the slides are potentially interesting to anyone giving or wanting to see a Web tutorial. This message announces the availability of World Wide Web Pages on Linux/68k: The Linux 680x0 WWW Pages have left the experimental phase and cover the port of Linux to the Motorola 680x0 CPU series respectively machines driven by these CPU's. The Linux 680x0 WWW Pages are available here. The Implicate Beauty of the Algorithm is an on-line exhibition of computational art by composer/artist Brian Evans. The WebLouvre world-famous online art museum announces its 100,000th visitor and the opening of a new thread dedicated to Impressionism in its Famous Paintings exhibit, featuring over 50 different artists, 300 hypertext pages and 600 images. AsTeR -- Audio System For Technical Readings -- is a computing system that exploits the display-independent nature of electronic information to orally render technical documents marked up in LaTeX. You can experience an interactive demo of AsTeR on the World Wide Web at Online Demo or using inline images. This hypertext document presents a collection of math examples rendered in audio by AsTeR and in Postscript by LaTeX/DVIPS. It aptly brings out the power of the Web in publishing multimedia documents. It also emphasizes the display-independent nature of electronic markup documents; both the audio formatted version and the visually laid out Postscript were generated from the same LaTeX source. Micro-electromechanical Systems (MEMS) researchers at MIT are delighted to announce support for MEMS on the WWW. Information about MEMS research at MIT and the announcements for the Boston Area MEMS seminar (BAMS) are now available. There is also the MEMS Interchange where information about any MEMS groups on the web is being gathered, and which contains the MEMS subway. Playwright and screenwriter Charles Deemer has opened a Screenwriters' and Playwrights' Home Page, which will link to resources of special interest to script writers, such as archives and data bases, on-line scripts, tips from the pros, shared experiences and more. Deemer welcomes help in adding links to the page. The 1994 Edinburgh Festival Fringe is now online through CityScape's Lynx Magazine, with a full listing of all Fringe events, an Edinburgh MOO and an opportunity to submit your own reviews of shows in the Festival. The FringeWeb also includes reviews from the UK's Guardian newspaper - online before they are in print. Hello Direct is a leading developer and marketer of high-quality telecommunications products. The company provides solutions-oriented products ranging from headsets and teleconferencing units to call controllers and cellular accessories. In addition, the proprietary line of unique headsets includes the world's first 900 MHz cordless headset, the HelloSet Cordless®. All the company's products are available direct through an in-depth, fully-illustrated catalog. NETworth: The Internet Resource for the Individual Investors announced the addition of a FREE mutual fund net asset value (NASDAQ) quoting service. NETnavs allows users to query for end of day NAVs as they are recieved direct from NASDAQ. Currently, NETnavs has a one year database of pricing info on over 4500 mutual funds and will be expanding it to over 10 years. Graphical analysis with over 20 comparative indecies and a portfolio builder/tracker is planned for later this summer. The Biofuels Information Network is an integral part of the U.S. Department of Energy, Biofuels System Division outreach activities. The BSD funds research and analyses on liquid and gaseous fuels produced from dedicated energy crops such as grasses and fast-growing short-rotation trees. The projects focus on the domestic production, recovery, and conversion of these feedstocks to economically priced, environmentally beneficial fuels such as ethanol, methanol and biodiesel. Technical management is provided by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. The Advanced Design Research Group (ADRG) of the University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture would like to announce the opening of an installation of experimental architecture. The commuter' s THEater was designed by David Bliss in collaboration with the Gertrude Stein Repertory Theater at HERE, New York, NY. The EMUSIC-L WWW pages are now being hosted at sunsite.unc.edu through the generosity of the site maintainers there. These pages provide links to all of the available back issues of the EMUSIC-L mailing list digest and also to related items of interest to electronic musicians. Halifax, Nova Scotia has a thriving indie music scene and you can find out all about it by connecting to A Guide to the Halifax Music Scene which was created by Michael Graham. This site is expanding constantly and it is great for people connecting via modem. All sizes of jpgs are given and there are no large inline images. NEuroNet, the European `Network of Excellence' in Neural Networks, is pleased to announce the addition of its on-line Researcher Database. In addition, NEuroNet aims to offer a wide variety of services to the Neural Network community including an on-line software repository and discussion forum. Information on a UK-based CD Authoring service is now on-line. If you are interested in storing data on Compact Disc then look here. Library Solutions Institute and Press, a premier publisher of Internet instructional books and providers of training seminars for both the learner and the trainer, welcomes you to its Web space. Come see why Crossing the Internet Threshold and other books have received such rave reviews. Get a 5% discount when you order on line. The Department of Physical Chemistry at the University of Geneva has now WWW server. The pages are in French, and describe Visualization in Chemistry and Rendering Techniques. The Information Systems Laboratory at Advanced Research Corporation is pleased to announce that their WWW server. The Information Systems Laboratory provides insight on the applicability of the WWW as it pertains to information dissemination and outreach needs. The areas of exploration include interactive documents, multimedia, database applications, and document conversion. Providence Imaging Products is pleased to announce their WWW PRO IMAGE CD-ROM Guide & Catalog: A comprehensive list of CD-ROM titles from over 60 industry-proven publishers including categories such as Agriculture, Business, Government, Military, Home Entertainment and more! The Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) has joined the World Wide Web. The latest issue of their newsletter, CGIAR Highlights, and the Summary of Proceedings and Decisions from the CGIAR Mid-Term Meeting, 1994 have been placed on-line along with other information. The Africa Technical Department of the World Bank has announced a new electronic service called the Information Bank on African Development Studies (IBADS). The information posted to the WWW includes the department's newsletter and reports from several regional studies. There are some new additions on the Amdahl Corporation WWW server, home of the A+Texture WWW products. The new features include Hot Topics and Internet Exploration Starting Points. Amdahl's staffing department is now on the Web so employment information is available, which will be expanded into online job listings in the near future. The server continues to update press releases and product information as they become available. Experiment 821 at Brookhaven National Laboratory's Alternating Gradient Synchrotron is pleased to announce its World Wide Web server. Experiment 821 will measure the g-2 spin magnetic moment of the muon using the world's largest superconducting solenoid. During its August 1994 graduation ceremonies, the Clemson University Master of Business Administration program will award degrees to 74 students representing 19 countries, from the Institute for International Business Studies in Europe. The fundamental objective of the program is to provide young professionals with the practical business tools required to perform responsibly and successfully in a "global marketplace." Details on the program and course of study, as well as the class roster, are currently under construction on the NEOS MBA Home Page. The Fortran Market is now on WWW. The goal is to provide one place to find all information, products, and services related to Fortran. Digital is pleased to add the Boston Computer Society (BCS) to the list of non-profit professional and educational associations for which Digital is hosting World Wide Web services. The BCS's Central Massachusetts chapter Internet Special Interest Group (SIG) joins the ACM Communications SIG, DECUS and the Grace Hooper Conference on Women in Computing. The University of Washington Astronomy Department would like to announce its Web page. It contains links to all faculty, staff and students associated with the department as well as links to local sites of interest in Seattle, Washington and the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. Also available are links to other University of Washington campus resources and projects associated with the department, such as the High Performance Computing and Communications (HPCC) group, Apache Point Observatory and the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. German Nobility Register has been established at the Erlangen University, Germany to provide information on members of German (and related) aristocracy. The system, when fully completed, will contain lists of kings, regents, dukes, grafs etc. and will offer details of biographies as well as portraits of the listed individuals. The CyberMall is now open. Come and browse the Mall, check out the stores and find some real deals on useful items. The cyberslinks of Kool Group at the Chemistry Department, University of Rochester, NY, are pleased to present their experimental home page. It contains information about the group as well as some chem pointers. The Catherine Wheel Home Page currently features links to the latest discography, album and b-side lyrics as well as information on how to subscribe to Strange Fruit, the Catherine Wheel mailing list. Other features, such as band tour dates, to come. The Texas Agricultural Extension Service (TAEX) humbly announces its first WWW server, leviathan. Leviathan features thousands of agriculturally oriented clipart images, an interactive agricultural software catalog, and Texas Extension publication abstracts. The "Master Gardener" series is very popular with users. The clipart image files are accessable via a graphical "point-and-click" user interface, and are available in multiple file types for your edification and delight. A link is also available to SWAMI, the South West Agricultural Meteorological Information system. The National University of Singapore's World-Wide Web server was officially launched this month. The Web provides a comprehensive insight into the activities of the University and provides a host of services for Internet users. A Woodstock '94 festival page, complete with pictures, is available on-line. This is completely independent stream-of-consciousness reporting of an historic event through the WWW. Nick Fiddes at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland is collecting (and welcoming) information on Social Anthropology. He is especially interested in (notionally academic perspectives on) environmental issues and in British and international environmental activism, and also in meat and vegetarianism. He can also share his experience of setting up a W3 server on a Mac. The Ottawa Carleton Research Institute (OCRI), in a joint venture with Resudox On-Line Services, would like to announce its Web site at http://resudox.net. OCRI is a not-for-profit research co-operative whose mandate is to bridge post-secondary academic institutions, government and industrial communities. Lake Tahoe, called by Mark Twain the "jewel of the Sierras", now has an electronic newspaper called the Lake Tahoe News Network which distributes news and information about about Lake Tahoe and nearby ski areas, including Squaw Valley, the site of the 1960 Winter Olympics. The Minnesota DNR Division of Minerals has created a www site for getting information about the Division and also making available updated pc network files. The Program in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (PAOS) at the University of Colorado at Boulder is a new interdisciplinary program that provides an educational and research environment to examine the dynamical, physical and chemical structures of the atmosphere and the ocean and the manner in which they interact.. Graduate students, research staff and faculty work together on a wide range of research topics: ocean-atmospheric interaction, remote sensing, geophysical fluid dynamics, sea-ice and arctic cloudiness, chemical structure of the atmosphere, extended weather prediction and boundary layer measurement and modeling. Grumman Data Systems, Charleston, SC announces its addition to the Web! Included on this server is information about GDS-Charleston's products and services, and an area devoted to Part 203 of the STEP specification for product data exchange. The Center For World Indigenous Studies is happy to announce that the Fourth World Documentation Project is now available on the World Wide Web. The Fourth World Documentation Project's archives contain over 300 documents on Indigenous Peoples in the Americas, Asia, Africa, Europe, Melanesia and the Pacific. The FWDP archives form a vital resource for tribal officials, researchers, students, activists, or anyone with an interest in Indigenous Peoples. Cool Site of the Day offers you something different from The Web every day. A great way to start your day. You'll never know where you're going until you get there. Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri is an independent university known internationally for excellence in teaching and reasearch and for the quality of the faculty and student body. Try taking a self guided tour of the campus or look at some of the library's other archival information. A compendium of internet resources on Nanotechnology is now available. "Nanotechnology is a (projected) technology of design and fabrication of mechanisms at the molecular level." The web page includes an annotated bibliography of articles available via ftp, links to other nanotech web pages, nanotech mailing lists, and Macintosh applications. The Mechanical Engineering Design Division at Stanford University is currently seeking industrial sponsors for its popular graduate engineering design class, ME210, "Mechatronic SYSTEMS Design and Methodology". The Call for Sponsors page is available now on the WWW. It provides necessary guideline information and registration forms for potential sponsors. For reference, there are 15 project abstracts and on-line slide presentations from the class of 1993-1994 and a listing of all sponsored project titles since 1977. For the first time, ME210 will also be offered to remote honors coop students via the Stanford Instructional Television Network (SITN) and WWW posted course and lecture materials. Internet-accessible companies are strongly encouraged to sponsor a project and explore the cutting edge of distributed engineering design. Minnesota's modern rock station the EDGE has found its way into cyberspace! The page contains info about the EDGE, as well as links to other music resources on the Net. The Wilson Group of the Chemistry Department at the University of California, San Diego is pleased to announce its new Web site. From the Home Page you can access a very large collection of images and movies that illustrate some of the fundamental concepts of chemistry. You can get the latest news about the group and the world of quantum control. You can view abstracts and request copies of the group's theoretical and experimental papers. You can find out who the people are who do the work and see their faces. Browse the site, steal the pictures, discover the news, study the papers, and meet the group! RAND, a nonprofit institution that helps improve public policy through research and analysis, is now on the Web. In addition to getting a description of RAND's mission and organization, you can search for and order RAND publications, read summaries of selected projects, and find out about many specific research initiatives. The Aging Research Centre is proud to announce a WWW site dedicated to the study of biological aging. Here is a list of items on the site: Recent Books, Labs, Papers, Bio Tool Box, Upcoming Events. Dragonflight has established a web page on gaming in the Pacific Northwest. Find out about Dragonflight 1995, the premier gaming convention in the area; Metro Seattle Gamers, located in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood; and upcoming events in the Pacific Northwest. The page also includes links to other gaming-related sites and information. The Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design at the Ohio State University would like to announce its WWW information system. ACCAD is a center for graduate instruction, researchand design in the arts. Work done at ACCAD includes computer graphics and animation, scientific visualization, software development, computer mediated art, telecommunications, multi-media, and virtual reality. CDnow! The Internet Music Store is now available via the WWW. With over 140,000 CDs, cassettes and mini-discs from major and independent record labels, CDnow! is the largest music store in the world. Music fans will enjoy the complete All-Music Guide on-line, with reviews and ratings of the albums and biographies of the artists in an innovative, easy-to-use interface. October 15, 1994 The Department of Entomology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign now has a Web page containing information on all aspects of the department as well as links to other resources on the internet relating to insects. LabSOURCE is a periodic newsletter produced by the University of California. It provides news and information on UC's management of three DOE laboratories -- Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Los Alamos National Laboratory -- and news highlights from the laboratories themselves. The Information Technology Institute (ITI) is the applied R&D arm of the National Computer Board (NCB) of Singapore. ITI creates and deploys advanced and useful IT innovations. We are pleased to announce our World Wide Web server, which contains information on our R&D programmes, fact sheets, the ITI Innovator newsletter, publication lists, conference announcements, press releases, job openings, etc. Announcing the application of Hyperactive Molecules to the analysis of two-dimensional Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectra in chemistry and molecular biology. Such spectra carry information about protein and molecular structure. By clicking on individual peaks in the spectrum, the corresponding nuclei responsible for a spectral peak can be color highlighted "on-the-fly" in a RasMol display. Applications to other types of molecular spectroscopy may become available. The University of Derby is glad to announce a new server. There are pages being setup for The Unofficial 3D Studio Users Club. DansWORLD Skateboarding is a site dedicated to skateboarding. The Parallel Computing Archive at the HENSA/Unix Archive in the Computing Laboratory of the University of Kent at Canterbury, England would like to announce additional WWW facilities recently added to the archive (currently over 185 Mbytes in size): * Major Packages (PVM3, MPI, HPF, P4, PARMACS, ...) * List of locally mirrored packages. * Archives of USENET Parallel Computing Newsgroups indexed by subject, author and WAIS: comp.parallel , comp.parallel.pvm , comp.sys.transputer , comp.os.parix and comp.parallel.mpi . * WAIS Search over the full archive files and the newsgroups above. * Links to other Parallel and HPC sites, groups, clubs, consortia, projects, services, bibliographies. documentation, vendors and other links. The August issue of Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine includes articles on: Clipper, MUDs in Australia, copyright issues for online discourse, net presence, information literacy, digital convergence; as well as the columns Pyxis Cyberea and From the Nets . The Lighthouse Getaway has added many new lights, including Boston Light, Pt. Sur and St. Augustine. The Lighthouse Getaway is located at the University of Tennessee Libraries WWW server. An experimental (and currently unofficial) server is running at the Department of Computer Science, University of York, UK. It contains details of several projects, research groups and people, and allows access to some of the department's research papers and the FTP server. Contact Pete Fenelon for more details. Mosaic Multisoft Corporation, a San Diego, California based developer of programming tools for multiprocessing software, has a new home page on the World Wide Web. This site provides information on Mosaic's patented Communicating Asynchronous Tasks (CATs) technology and includes recent newsletters and press releases. George V. Neville-Neil who maintains the TCP/IP FAQ for comp.protocols.tcp-ip newsgroup would like to announce that his home page now contains a pointer to the most recently posted version of the FAQ. This page also acts as an experimental gateway to REDBMS, a distributed bibliography system that can be searched using forms. Come explore and become a part of WebWorld, a 3D virtual world you can travel in, build in, and visually link to other parts of the World Wide Web. WebWorld is constructed entirely by the Internet community. You too can build a home, office, or even a whole city. The Computer Science Department at the University of Montana would like to invite the rest of the world to investigate what it has to offer. ConJelCo is a software and book publishing company specializing in products for serious gamblers. It also offers high quality books, newsletters, software and videos from other respected gambling publishers. The ConJelCo Gambling Catalog is now available online. Along with complete information about the products which ConJelCo sells, you'll find lots of other items of interest to the serious gambler. A hypertext version of the alt.locksmithing FAQ is now available. This FAQ provides information about locksmithing and access to various locksmithing resources on the Internet. Canadian Airlines International Ltd. has become the first International Airline to offer services via the World Wide Web. You are invited to download a FREE demo of CyberMedia's PC911 - a software package for DOS/Windows PC users that is a savior in an emergency when your PC does not boot up normally. This might happen when configuration files change as you load new software or add new cards. You have the security of knowing that PC911 is managing an Emergency Disk that can get you up and running again. Order on the Internet and get 20% off. NandO.Net, The New Media Division of the The News and Observer Publishing Co., has posted the complete text of the NC congressional redistricting ruling in Shaw v. Hunt, the federal court challenge to N.C's congressional districts. NOAA is pleased to announce the Satellite Active Archive, SAA. The SAA system enables users on the Internet to quickly search, browse, order, and receive satellite data. SAA contains descriptions about this data, and permits users to search inventories of datasets for availiability based upon geographic and date requirements. One can visually browse this data to ensure that the information needed is contained in the dataset. An introduction about the SAA system and instructions are provided on the SAA pages. The Secular Web is an index of many sites around the web of interest to atheists, agnostics, skeptics, and other freethinkers. Included in the Secular Web is a link to the Freethought Web, a repository for freethought literature from authors the likes of Thomas Paine, Charles Watts, Joseph McCabe, and Robert Ingersoll. Information about the world's most powerful neutron research facility, the Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL) with its high-flux reactor, is now available on the World Wide Web server. In addition to general information you will find descriptions about the instruments ("Guide to neutron research facilities at ILL" with photos). Temple University, a major research university with more than 30,000 students, is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. The goal of this server is to provide information about the University for students, prospective students, and faculty. It will also provide linksto other WWW points of interest. The Computer Networks and Distributed Systems Research Lab of the University of Southern California is pleased to announce its WWW server. The Laboratory supports research in high-speed network, multimedia traffic, realtime network service, network object discovery, network routing, etc. The Center for Particle Astrophysics (CfPA), located at the University of California at Berkeley, would like to announce its World Wide Web server. The server will provide detailed information about the Center's mission and research efforts, CfPA Education and Outreach programs, workshops and seminars, and include a comprehensive Center directory. The CfPA bi-monthly newsletter will also be offered, each issue featuring a lead story by one of the Center research groups. Vmnland Ltd. is pleased to announce Adventure cruises in the North-Atlantic with on-board Internet access. Real Estate Listings for the Silicon Valley are finally online. BayNet Co. is pleased to announce HomeLine, helping you find your home in the San Francisco Bay Area. HomeLine provides the home buyer with more detailed information (including photos). Agents are able to put their profile and listings online with HomeLine and reach computer professionals at their desk! The Mechanical Engineering Design Division at Stanford University is currently seeking industrial sponsors for its popular graduate engineering design class, ME210, "Mechatronic SYSTEMS Design and Methodology". The Call for Sponsors page is available now on the WWW. A WWW FAQ on Isaac Asimov is now available at Lightside, Inc. The FAQ covers Dr. Asimov's personal life and the books he wrote. It includes pointers to bibliographies of his books and stories and other miscellaneous items on Dr. Asimov available on the Internet. The Central Science Laboratory, University of Tasmania would like to announce the CSL WWW server. The laboratory is a centralized facility that services science departments within the University along with external clients from industry other Universities. Facilities include Elemental Analysis, Electron Microscopy, Gas Chromatography, Image Analysis, Mass Spectroscopy, Stable Isotope Ratio Analysis, Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy and Vibrational Spectrocopy. What do you get when you take a dead university student, the "Happy-Go-Lucky" Reaper, a couple of gorgeous demons, a few angels, an un-dead clown and a host of other cosmic entities? You get The Afterlife of Bob, a weekly comic stip that takes a sideways, often upside down, look at life, the universe and... you know. The NOAA Data Set Catalog is a forms-based tool for searching for publicly available environmental data throughout the world. The Catalog includes over 25,000 records related to climatology, meteorology, ecology, geology, oceanography, remote sensing satellites, and many other areas. The powerful searching capabilities and wide variety of data and data sources described in the NOAA Data Set Catalog make it a valuable multidisciplinary research tool for scientists, educators, researchers, and members of the general public interested in environmental data. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Environmental Information Services division provides this service in partial fulfillment of NOAA's responsibility to archive and document environmental data. The Learning Through Collaborative Visualization (CoVis) Project at Northwestern University is pleased to announce new resources on the CoVis Webserver. The Weather Graphics Tool is now available for downloading. This is a plug-in module for Aldus SuperPaint which is designed to make it easy to draw professional-quality weather maps. Blank maps of the U.S. are also provided for your convenience. If you are curious about how the CoVis Project is working to reform science education by linking students, teachers, and scientists via networking, videoconferencing, screen sharing, and visualization technologies, take a look at a new page of QuickTime video clips from the CoVis project's most recent video. The Department of Physics and Space Sciences at the Florida Institute of Technology, in Melbourne, Florida, now has a WWW server providing access to information including: Information about the Department of Physics and Space Sciences Faculty pages Research areas and research facilities A link to information about the SARA Telescope at Kitt Peak National Observatory.

The Institute for the Learning Sciences is now offering Engines for Education on the WWW Engines, a hyper-book by Roger Schank and Chip Cleary , discusses what's wrong with the education system, how to reform it, and, especially, the role of educational technology in that reform. It describes the progress we've made at The Institute for the Learning Sciences using computers to provide motivating learning environments that let students learn things by doing them. Engines is constructed as an ASK system, a form of structured hypermedia developed at ILS based on the metaphor of a question-answer conversation.

Information about Axil Computers is now available from Hardware Canada Computing Integration (HCCI). Sun clones are just as good as the real thing! Free Axil Audio Kit with first purchase.

Millipore Corporation has just made available on the World Wide Web the Laboratory and Health Care Products Catalogue for 1994-95 - with information on several thousand products: Microbiology, Environmental Testing, Medical/Clinical/Diagnostic, OEM/Custom Products, Hospital/Pharmacy, Quality Assurance, Chemical/Industrial Products, Lab Water Purification Systems and Molecular Biology.

The Crisis in Rwanda page now contains 7 megs of maps, documents and news from the UN High Commisioner for Refugees, Voice of America, Amnesty International, the White House, USAID's Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance, CBC Radio, and the UN Department of Humanitarian Affairs.

The African Studies WWW server contains information on programs and resources at the University of Pennsylvania , in Africa, the U.S. and elsewhere. The African Studies Center is part of a four-school consortium, including Bryn Mawr, Haverford, and Swarthmore Colleges and the University of Pennsylvania.

The graduate chapter of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at University of Wisconsin-Madison would like to announce its home page.

The Data & Analysis Center for Software (DACS) is a Department of Defense (DoD) Information Analysis Center (IAC). The primary mission of the DACS is to collect, analyze, synthesize, and disseminate information concerning software engineering and software technology. With the addition of the " DACS Home Page " the DACS would like to extend its services to users of the WWW.

The University of Texas-Austin Astronomy Program WWW server is now online. This server provides information about the educational and research programs of the Astronomy Department and the McDonald Observatory at the University of Texas at Austin , including the StarDate radio program daily scripts. It also points to links discussing the current 'hot items' in astronomy.

Scholastic Network announces the Scholastic Internet Center , a free, high-value Internet destination for K-12 teachers and their students. Among the free resources for educators are curriculum libraries , lesson plans seasonal curriculum activities, a huge library on integrating technology into the classroom, and information on the Scholastic Network, Scholastic's online service for schools. Students will enjoy the language arts and science resource information, and everyone will benefit from cruising the Ultimate Education Store , a searchable catalog of books, software, magazines and other products from Scholastic and other publishers.

The Electric Examiner an experimental Web news server is now the home of The Virtual Newsroom .

Conservation OnLine, ( CoOL ) a project of the Preservation Department of Stanford University Libraries, is a full text database covering a wide spectrum of topics of interest to those involved with the conservation of museum, archives and library materials.

Here is the homepage of City of Cambridge, Massachusetts .

A Directory of Applications running on Cray Research systems is now available on the web. This new 1994 directory lists application software developed or supported by independent sofware suppliers as well as Cray Research, Inc.

Announcing the first Vangelis Home Page . The page consists of many pictures, digitized music and animations. Vangelis is a famous synthesizer guru who has made a lot of soundtracks for many movies. Also included in this page is a section for Bladerunner , the most discussed movie of the internet.

In light of the recent sightings of Basking Sharks Cetorhinus maximus in the New England coastal waters and the resultant influx of requests for information regarding this second largest of sharks, the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Massachusetts has assembled a short fact sheet regarding this species.

The High Performance Computing and Software Laboratory at the University of Texas at San Antonio announces its WWW Server. This server provides information on the following: o Introduction to The HPCS Laboratory at UTSA. o The Current Research Projects and People in the Lab. o Published Papers from the Lab since 1994. o Parallel Visualization Software Developed in the Lab.

NetWorX, Inc. , business's liaison to the world of Internet, is pleased to announce the addition of AutoPages of Internet to the WWW. AutoPages of Internet is a publication where people around the world can advertise classic and exotic cars for sale. AutoPages also provides information on current automotive events around the world, as well as articles and other services. AutoPages is pleased to announce Rolls Royce of Beverly Hills and Criswell Lotus among their clients.

Steve Crawford , a Democrat running for US Congress in Maryland's 6th district is the first person running for an office of US national importance to use the Web to send his message out to the voters. We can only hope others will take his lead so we all can learn more about the people running our government.

Bryan Boyle's Bronx Bulletin Board , the 1990's follow-on to the original system established in 1979, is online for your perusal. It is intended that this page act as a focus point for a number of interests including aviation/CAP resources, a repository of American Civil War documents, books, and photographs, as well as a tasty selection of pages gleaned from netsurfing and user submissions.

There is now a REDUCE Home Page on the Web. REDUCE is a well-known general-purpose computer algebra system available for a wide range of computer architectures and operating systems. Among other things, the Home Page includes pointers to ordering information, demonstration versions, a set of manuals , and the REDUCE online help system.

Case Western Reserve University's Campus Home Page is online. This service parallels the CWRU Campus Root Gopher and features campus photographs and information from and about many academic departments at CWRU . All WWW and gopher pages at CWRU can be found through this home page.

Southwest Educational Development Laboratory, (SEDL) , an educational research, development, and service organization with a special emphasis on K-12 underserved populations in the Southwest announces its World Wide Web information service. Lynx access is also available. For VT100 access, telnet to "diogenes.sedl.org", logon as "lynx" and enter the password "sedl".

RuCCS is the Cognitive Science group at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey . It offers a supplementary program of study leading to a graduate certificate in Cognitive Science to Ph.D. students in Psychology, Computer Science and Philosophy.

The Monroe Institute is pleased to announce the availability of its web server. This dynamic research and educational organization is dedicated to exploring the uses and understanding of human consciousness with its trademarked Hemi-Sync sound technology and learning systems.

The University of California, Irvine (UCI) Registrar's Office/Student Academic Information Systems (SAIS) is pleased to introduce the UCI Student Access NETwork (SANET) to the World Wide Web community. SANET provides comprehensive information about UCI and the surrounding community for current UCI students, as well as information for prospective UCI students.

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Pohang University of Science and Technology (Postech), Korea, is pleased to announce their new WWW server .

There are some new additions on the Amdahl Corporation WWW server , home of the A+Texture WWW products. The new features include Hot Topics and Internet Exploration Starting Points . Amdahl's staffing department is now on the Web so employment information is available, which will be expanded into online job listings in the near future. the server continues to update press releases and product information as they become available.

New Jersey Group Against Smoking Pollution is a non-profit educational organization whose goals are to secure smokefree air for nonsmokers and to ensure tobacco-free lives for children. Their directory of 100% Smokefree Dining in New Jersey is now available on the Web.

The Georgia Institute of Technology is proud to announce the addition of their Woodbury Research Project home page to the WWW. The WRP's goal is the retrofit of a 100-foot (30-meter) satellite dish to be a radio telescope. The page also includes links to other sources of astronomy information.

Sundragon Games is pleased to announce the opening of their WWW storefront, The Internet's Neighborhood Game Shop . Sundragon Games is a discounter of games and gaming supplies, dealing in products from manufacturers such as TSR, Avalon Hill, Wizards of the Coast, The Armory, and many more. Most products are sold at a 25% discount from retail prices! At Sundragon Games, you will find an on-line catalog , The Gamers' Connection , and a listing of resources for game enthusiasts.

This page provides an index on Chicago information, plus a "Vast Funky Index to things on the Web" by category, including arts, literature, music, computers, commercial uses of the WWW, and counterculture, among others.

Telecom Finland is pleased to announce their service with the official results from The European Championships in Athletics 1994 in Helsinki, Finland.

Moscow Libertarium is a project aimed at the information support of social activity and scientific research on the problems of liberalism, and liberal conscience in Russia. Important: most materials are IN RUSSIAN! A link to the guidelines on installing Cyrillic fonts in your WWW-browsing program is included.

Announcing a home page for the University of Manchester Astronomy Group . Available are contact details, research interests of the group members, preprints and publications, course details, a frequently updated collection of links to items of interest to astronomers and, of course, a few pretty pictures.

Several new WWW pages are available at UMCP CS department WWW server. These pages maintained by Marat Fayzullin [fms@wam.umd.edu] include Nintendo GameBoy page, #russian IRC channel homepage, MSX page, and a large Computer Emulation project which also contains a lot of information about the history of personal computers. Contribtuions to this project are accepted and greatly appreciated.

CIMtegration is pleased to announce its home page called InterScape . This WWW service offers a synthesis of entertainment and information: from movie reviews to kites to computers.

The Fairfax CALS Shared Resource Center sponsored by ARPA and operated by Dimensions International, Inc. and George Mason University is proud to announce the availability of its WWW server . The center provides a source of information and assistance to Government and industry, and in particular to small business, with regard to CALS, enterprise integration, electronic commerce and business process re-engineering.

The Electronic Information Service at Davis library Reference Department at UNC-Chapel Hill is now being served by SunSITE . The service provides information about UNC library resources, electronic journals, electronic reference sources and many other valuable resources on the web.

The Electric Power Research Institute has placed the 20th Anniversary Edition of its award-winning EPRI Journal on the World Wide Web. This 1993 commemorative edition contains articles on the history of EPRI and the U.S. utility industry and offers perspective from a number of industry leaders on the future of electricity.

The South Florida Environmental Reader, a newsletter covering environmental issues of concern to South Florida is excited to announce that it now has a home page courtesy of the folks at Envirolink. Included at this resource is an index of back issues and general information about South Florida.

Duke University Management Information Services is proud to announce the new and improved DukeMIS web site . Points of interest include (but are not exhausted by) Duke course info , Job info , and University Task Force Reports .

The High Performance and Communications office at NASA Ames Research Center is pleased to announce their World Wide Web server. The Ames HPCC office is the lead center for the NASA/HPCC Computational Aerosciences program , and is involved in interdisiplinary research for the aerospace and high performance computing communities. On the Ames HPCC server you will find information on research participation in various HPCC projects, as well as a comprehensive listing of educational computing resources designed to assist the K-12 online community.

The Micro Media CD Kiosk is a new on-line storefront for multimedia CD-ROM software. The CD Kiosk uses WWW capabilities to provide multi-faceted product information such as images, demos, and files detailing product contents.

The St. Louis User Group Information page provides information on user groups and meeting schedules for the St. Louis Area. Visit this page on the new Micro Media WWW server to find others in St. Louis who share your interests.

The Websters' page of Resolution Buinsess Press, Inc. , a book publisher in the Seattle area, is updated weekly and features the best places for Kids and Parents on the WWW. Another highlight of this server is research on the Pacific Northwest computer industry, including a listing of the Top 100 computer companies in Washington State, home of Microsoft Corp.

The Edwards Aquifer Research and Data Center (EARDC) at Southwest Texas State University in San Marcos , Texas would like to announce its home page with information about the Edwards Aquifer .

SoftSource, maker of CAD software, announces its Home Page which includes 3-d stereograms (generated from 3-d AutoCAD drawings), pictures of mountains and canyons made from USGS topographical data, fractal images of various portions of the Mandelbrot Set, descriptions of interesting new poker games including a contest for the best new poker variant, and downloadable product demos including an AutoCAD drawing viewer.

The Paleomagnetism Lab at Florida International University is pleased to announce the new Geomagnetism and Paleomagnetism Home Page .

The authors of Superguy Digest are pleased to announce the new Superguy Web Page . Superguy, a shared-world collaborative fiction project, began in 1988 and has been evolving constantly since that time. The Web page contains information about various characters, stories, and continuing series, author bios, a few graphics here and there, the complete Superguy FAQ , and access to both the bit.listserv.superguy newsgroup (for current stories), the Superguy logs (for over 30 megs of past stories) and more.

The Apple Newton Products Online Catalog is now on the Web. This joint presentation by Apple Computer and Net Direct provides product and ordering information on Apple's latest Newton MessagePad and dozens of third party Newton accessories and software packages. Register online to request to receive periodic Newton Updates by e-mail .

The North American Ham Radio World Wide Web page is now updated with many new features and once again being updated weekly. Among the new features you'll find are a new forms-based Online Repeater Database which features unpublished entries and a form to allow you to add your own entries. Further, you'll find The Satellite Pass Prediction Page where you can predict when one of over 21 satellites will pass over your home town. You can also find Newsline issues weekly (copyright Bill Pasternak, WA6ITF) as well as information on SAREX / Satellite operations and the usual Amateur Radio information such as Frequently Asked Questions , Examination Information and much more!

Based in Berkeley, California, Master-McNeil, Inc. provides product and corporate naming services to companies worldwide. Here you can learn more about naming services and get the latest news on names introduced by the company's clients. There is a section devoted to information on trademarks, including the full list of international trademark classes and digitized copies of the USPTO trademark application forms.

Analog Devices, Inc. has an ARPA ADI/UCB WWW Server which serves up information to the Internet about the joint ARPA contract between Analog Devices and UC Berkeley's Sensor & Actuator Center on i MEMS ( i ntegrated M icro E lectro M echanical S ystems) and the surface micromachining technology used to fabricate such systems. The server has specific information on how outside users can learn about the process and its capabilities, and submit sensor designs in ADI's sensor process which is currently being used to manufacture the ADXL50 -- the first completely monolithic 50G accelerometer using integrated surface micromachining technology. A mirror site at MIT is also available.

The Reubin O'D. Askew School of Public Administration and Policy announces the first WWW server in its discipline. Located at Florida State University , this page includes degree requirements and offerings , and government research sources including Florida.

The Federal Information Exchange is pleased to announce the establishment of WWW servers for its two online information services: FEDIX , which provides information on federal funding opportunities for research and education; and MOLIS , which provides minority college and university capability information.

The English Server at CMU is pleased to announce the first issue of Cultronix , a journal in cultural studies; the first issue is titled The Effects of Machine Culture. Also announced is a brochure about the Carnegie Mellon English Department , as well as three new services: a drama collection, a collection of calls for papers for people in English studies, and a public conference line for academic discussions and meetings online.

Announcing a new WWW page for Mountain Biking enthusiasts. This page focuses on mountain biking in the San Francisco Bay area (including descriptions of several local trails), but also contains links to descriptions of mountain biking in other areas, including Pittsburgh, Colorado, Utah and New Zealand.

The Used Software Exchange is online. The USX is a free classified-ad service for those who would like to buy or sell some old software.

Visit the Monster Board , the most effective way to search for jobs with America's hottest companies. Exciting graphics lead you through a user-friendly search for the career opportunities that best suit you. Once you've found a position, just fill out the online resume and it will automatically be forwarded to the company. Although, the Monster Board primarily lists technical jobs, it extends across all industries. The Monster Board is provided by ADION, Inc. a leader in information and communications services.

Deluxe Business Systems , the nation's leading supplier of innovative business support forms solutions, is pleased to announce their on-line Internet catalog. The user will find over 2,000 office-related products including business forms, stationery, checks, labels, and a complete selection of laser compatible forms . All orders can be taken on-line and are supported with on-screen customer service during normal business hours.

The Pacific Microelectronics, Inc (PMI) is please to announced its NetUSA operation , the premier Commercial Internet Center. The major parts of NetUSA are as follows: o Internet Access. Subscribers gain access to the full range of Internet connection services, including email and search functions. o Super Shopping Mall. Offers on-line purchasing of 20,0000 computer hardware and software products. o Electronic Distribution. Enables software companies to place demo copies of their software that shoppers can download for evaluation. o Electronic Advertising. Enables hardware and software companies to run ads on the Internet. o Electronic Publishing. Enables print publications to offer Internet editions.

The Electric Gallery , in addition to its collection of naive and primitive art, now has a new southwestern art wing with an additional superb exhibit of original paintings by famous southwestern artists. The gallery also is now at its new address - http:www/egallery.com/egallery/ - please note that it has moved to its own domain.

Plasma Laboratory of Weizmann Institute of Science is now on the Web. It contains databases, free software and other topics related to atomic and plasma physics

The INRIA high speed networking research group RODEO , led by Christian Huitema , is pleased to announce an ASN.1 Mosaic page . It offers easy access to hard to find web resources related to the ASN.1 interface definition language (standard documents, tutorials and compilers).

What on Earth Ltd. makes nylon sport bags, outdoor gear, & other nifty items.

The Computation and Language E-Print Archive is a fully automated electronic archive and distribution server for papers on computational linguistics, natural-language processing, speech processing, and related fields, endorsed by the Association for Computational Linguistics . In operation since April, 1994, the service has some 850 subscribers from 40 countries. Subscription information is available through the on-line help .

Visioneering Research Laboratory Inc. has moved its WWW page to http://www.vrl.com/

Over 400 megabytes of patent information are now available at the Internet Patent News Service's (IPNS) WWW Patent Searching home page, including being able to retrieve titles to all US patents since 1970 using the US patents Manual of Classification. Files with administrative information about PTO offices, as well as an archive of IPNS news releases are also available.

The Screenwriters and Playwrights Page offers a variety of resources and services of special interest to professional and student scriptwriters alike, from film and script databases, format templates, marketing strategies, and discussion of the nuts-and-bolts of scriptwriting. The page is maintained by Charles Deemer , a working playwright, screenwriter, and hypertext author.

The Advertising Law Internet Site houses articles about the legal aspects of marketing products, with particular emphasis on infomercials, home shopping, and direct response TV. Other articles discuss 900 Number regulations, contest laws, business opportunity laws, and additional aspects of promotion law. The site also houses copies of FTC Guides and Speeches and FTC Rules and statutes. Consumer Advisories issued by the FTC will also be made available at the site.

Looking for someone? SLED Corp's Four 11 Online User Directory - of almost 1/2 million Internet users - is now online. All Internet users are provided a free listing and unlimited searching. Additional benefits (expanded listing, Search Agents, a URL link to a Web page, PGP key services, etc.) come with a paid membership. Those without Web access can sign up by sending an e-mail to free@Four11.com.

The Health Info-Com Network Medical Newsletter (MEDNEWS) mirror for the USA is now operational at the University of Pennsylvania. This news is distributed biweekly and is very international in flavor. This Web site maintains an internal WAIS server to search by topics.

October 14, 1994

Please participate in GVU's 2nd WWW User Survey

LIVE from Chicago...It's WEBster -- The Cyberspace Surfer Whether or not you're headed to Chicago for the Second Annual World Wide Web Conference, you can still attend without missing a thing through WEBster's free virtual daily briefing! Each morning from Oct. 17 to 21, you will receive a special show supplement containing up-to-the-minute conference information including daily schedules, news stories, feature articles and product announcements. To register for your free copy, send a blank e-mail to live@webster.tgc.com

The Advanced Information Technologies Lab at the University of Illinois has a home page describing all of their current projects. Its purpose is to advance the research and instruction by faculty in the humanities and social sciences in areas that are either focused on or employ advanced information technologies.

Wolfram Research, Inc ., the developers of Mathematica, announce the new Wolfram Research web server site. Information on this server includes Mathematica products, related publications, graphics, sounds, and more. Mathematica is the premier computational and visualization software package and is used by engineers and scientists worldwide for quick, accurate numeric and symbolic answers.

The Backgrounds Data Center , Space Science Division , at the Naval Research Lab is pleased to announce the release of its VISTA home page. VISTA, the Visual Interface for Space and Terrestrial Analysis, is a GUI that allows for the query, visualization and analysis of geophysical and celestial data from remote sensing platforms.

There is now a REDUCE Home Page on the Web. REDUCE is a well-known general-purpose computer algebra system available for a wide range of computer architectures and operating systems. Among other things, the Home Page includes pointers to ordering information, demonstration versions, a set of manuals , and the REDUCE online help system.

The National Toxicology Program is pleased to announce the NTP home page with access to the NTP database of summaries of study results, the 7th Annual Report on Carcinogens, information about the history of the Program, ongoing work, and future plans.

The Indiana University Support Center has begun maintaining html versions of the standard Emacs , Windows , and Perl FAQs for their UCS Knowledge Base . They've also added a Usenet Resources page, which provides a thorough introduction to newsgroups and newsreaders, including links to charters, RFCs, man pages, FAQs, periodic postings, and netiquette guides.

Enrico Ferorelli is now on the WWW offering his services as a professional photographer. He speaks English, Spanish, French and Italian, and works worldwide. Enrico Ferorelli specializes in corporate photographic projects, and has many large corporations as clients. Contact him today, and he can have his portfolio on your desk the next morning.

Basshead alert! As a precursor to their full-fledged online catalog, Neurodisc Records has made the Bass Nation newsletter available for fans of Bass, TechnoBass and Rap music, and for car audio enthusiasts.

The Internet Credit Bureau, Inc. is a full-service credit reporting agency offering its services via the Internet.

The State Library of North Carolina is pleased to announce the release of the North Carolina Encyclopedia . The Encyclopedia presents information about North Carolina's history, geography, government, state symbols, and more. For a brief glimpse of the Old North State, visit the North Carolina Encyclopedia.

The Education First Programs would like to announce its seminar Understand the Education First Programs: Educate the Students, Surf the 'net', Enjoy a Snack .

We are pleased to announce the new home page for The Cambridge Diet. This is the one that was developed at Cambridge University, the one that really works! Do you know someone that wants to lose weight and feel great? Do they want the weight to stay off? The road to success begins through balanced nutrition, and Cambridge Direct Sales holds the patents. Follow this link to "Food for Life (R)", and to obtain additional information about a unique business opportunity!

The Amiga Atlanta User Group announces the addition of their WWW Page to the net. The Amiga Atlanta WWW Page gives information about the club, and includes links to many other Amiga related resources.

The NetMarket Company is now offering flowers, balloons, and gifts through 800-THE-ROSE , the #1 ranked flower delivery service in the US. NetMarket continues to offer CDs by Noteworthy Music and also supports simpler, HTML-based advertising. (E-mail or finger info@netmarket.com for more info.)

Visit TRIANGLE ONLINE to learn why the Triangle Area, North Carolina was recently voted the "#1 Best Place to Live in America". This interactive magazine is a continuously updated guide and community resource for residents, Internet travellers and those considering relocating to the Triangle Area. Brought to you by TriNet Services . IGUANA , the Independent Group of Unix-Alikes and Network Activists, is organising Linuvers , a conference on the Linux operating system. Linus Torvalds, the initial author of Linux, will be one of the speakers.

Now on-line for initial appraisal is the home page of the Students' Representative Council of the University of Aberdeen . This is one of relatively few Web services run by a student government body. At present it is mostly informative, but interactive services are in the pipeline, and we hope it'll also inspire contact with other similar organisations.

LAFEX , a laboratory of the Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Fisicas devoted to Cosmology and High Energy Physics, is pleased to announce the availability of its WWW server.

The third Smithsonian Expedition is underway at Mount Wilson Observatory . Six participants will be using the facilities of the observatory to investigate a few research projects during this week, and a special WWW page has been set up to follow along with what they are doing and what they have found.

The Wollongong Group, Inc. is proud to announce the availability of its World Wide Web server. The server contains information about the Wollongong PathWay product line (including screen shots), product support information, press releases, and company newsletters.

The Shell Centre for Mathematical Education at the University of Nottingham, England announces its WWW pages. As well as general information, there are details of Publications, Information Technology in Schools, the Undergaduate Mathematics Teaching Conference (UMTC) and page of Distractions with cartoons, facts about the numbers in today's date, Fun School of Education, and indispensable advice for academics embarking on computer assisted learning.

The Australian Oceanographic Data Centre (AODC) would like to announce that its WWW Server is now online. These pages contain information about the AODC and also include sample documents and images.

The Legacy Group is now offering low cost insurance on the WWW. The Legacy Group represents more than 20 major insurance companies. Not satisfied with your current insurance carrier? Legacy has the experience and contacts to get you the best policy for your current and future needs.

The Pakistan Students Association of RPI now has information on club activities along with photos, maps, and information on Pakistan.

The Learning Resource Center at the University of Michigan Medical School now has a home page which describes its mission and many of the CAI programs which have been developed to meet the needs of its staff and students.

NASA's Astrophysics Data System is pleased to announce the availability of the Einstein Archive Service . This service provides query and retrieval capability for the Einstein X-ray Observatory's processed data archive. The archive includes about 5000 X-ray observations (in astronomical standard FITS format) taken between 1978 and 1981. A listing of other ADS data services available through Mosaic is also available.

RUNE: An MIT Journal of Arts and Letters is now on the Web with Volume 15. The print-version of this student-run publication comprises 100 pages of photographs, paintings, computer art, stories, essays, and poems by MIT students, faculty, and staff. That's all here, and then some.

Martin Marietta Energy Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce its external MMES WWW information server. The information includes coverage of activities at MMES, such as Manufacturing Technology, the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Hazardous Waste Remedial Actions Program (HAZWRAP), Advanced Neutron Source (ANS), and other projects and programs carried out at the MMES facilities in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

The Library at the University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario, announces the University of Waterloo Electronic Library hypermedia information system. The Electronic Library provides access to Internet resources organized by discipline, walking tours of the libraries at the University of Waterloo, web interface to the Library's online catalogue, electronic forms for ILL and reference assistance, links to several web search engines, and more.

SenseMedia Publishing of Santa Cruz, California presents The SenseMedia Surfer ! The Surfer's Waves of the Week showcases cool Web pages. The local entertainment scene is at your fingertips with Dinner And a Movie, including reviews and adventures With the Press. Experience The SenseMedia Surfer today!

AMCOL Corporation is the leader in producing quality lubricants and applicators for the metals industry. Our mission is APQ--Absolutely, Positively, Quality in everything we do. Learn more about how we carry on that mission in our new WWW pages.

FIZ-Karlsruhe , provider of scientific and technical databases, Dept. of Mathematics and Computer Science, is pleased to offer its improved WWW-services. Highlights include: o Snooper Version: The New CompactMATH Database on CD-ROM. Contains more than 200.000 entries. Covers 1989 - 1994 mathematical research papers. Free access. o Gateway to ComputerScience - B1 Database. Contains References to Latest Conference Papers and Lectures (Conference Proceedings). Free access. o Gateway to STN-International Databases (telnet). If you have an account you can use the gateway for searching the STN-Databases (e.g. MATH, CompuScience).

The U.S. Army Missile Command, Corporate Information Center's Technology Development Lab (TDL) is sponsoring a Governmental Hypermedia Conference , Aug 25, 1994, at Redstone Arsenal, Alabama. The TDL's Hypermedia Information Technology (HITECH) group is researching and developing governmental GUI tools to assist in information communication via the World Wide Web.

Mainsail Marketing Information, Inc., in Berkeley, CA would like to announce the creation of Direct Marketing World , an electronic directory of the direct marketing industry on its world wide web server. Direct Marketing World is signing up all categories of industry professionals to be listed in this directory which will also include detailed information on thousands of mailing lists as well as an on-line booklet about direct marketing, a glossary of direct marketing terminology, a jobs wanted and jobs offered center and a magazine section for the exchange of views on current issues affecting the direct marketing industry.

The Justice Henry E. Ackerson Law Library of the Rutgers University School of Law at Newark, announces the availability of the Rutgers University at Newark - Ackerson Law Library Home Page . The page provides users with easy access to legal information on the INTERNET.

To improve access to information on collaboration and software support for collaboration, Consensus Development Corporation has moved its server to http://www.consensus.com:8300/ . This WWW/Mosaic server contains information about the products and services offered by Consensus Development, as well as information on topics including groupware, computer supported collaborative work (CSCW), decision support, facilitation, electronic democracy, hypertext authoring, online documentation, document architecture, shared spaces, virtual organizations, and online knowledge management. In particular, check out the following: o Groupware Yellow Pages -- a listing of groupware products, books, conferences, consultants, networks, newsletters, and information resources. o Collaborative Arts Page, in particular, take a look at images and text from " 5 x 5" -- an ongoing project between five artists/architects.

Addicted to the Web, but wish it were more interactive? Addicted to TinyMUD, but wish it had snazzy graphics and a distributed architecture? Now you can have the best of both worlds with htMUD , the world's first distributed graphical real-time conferencing system.

Eric R. Nelson, Ph.D. would like to announce the availability of his 1988 University of New Mexico Physics dissertation Power Spectra Decomposition of 36 RS CVn UBV Photometric Light Curves from the First Two Years of the Automatic Photoelectric Telescope . The entire work (nearly 600 pages) is available as compressed postscript files.

T3plus Networking Inc announces its World Wide Web server. T3plus Networking is the leading supplier of T3 and SONET broadband wide-area networking solutions. Its intelligent bandwith managers and switches provide cost-effective and reliable voice, data, video and image communications at multimegabit speeds. Ameritech, Bankers Trust, Charles Schwab, Cray Research, JCPenney, Northrop Corporation, Southern California Edison, Southwestern Bell and Storage Technology are among the major carriers and end-user organizations that rely on high-speed T3plus networks to run their buisnesses.

Hong Kong is a major trading centre on the south coast of China; as well as doing a lot of manufacturing itself it also provides a gateway into the production capacities of China. A new set of pages about Doing Business with Hong Kong is now available here .

The Magnet is a new freely-accessible site moderated by Kiernan Holland that allows anyone to access many useful information services via hyper-links and specially arranged hyper-text pages. In addition it contains several precompiled viewers that can be used on most Silicon Graphics Workstations.

Expanding the boundaries of art and culture, Capacity - The Webzine now lives at Wimsey Information Systems in beautiful Vancouver. Focusing on text and visual art, cultural analysis and critique, and promoting and presenting creativity from k12 school students, Capacity is open for surfing. The Editor's Desk provides links to other webzines, other schools on the web as well as Christian locations. The Editorial Policy document describes further the vision and (expanding) submission boundaries of the webzine.

Metricom, Inc. , founded in 1985, develops, manufactures, and markets wireless data communication networks and is announcing their new Ricochet wireless modem service available in Silicion Valley. Their web server is under construction.

The Australian Public Access Networking Association (APANA) has gone online with direct Internet connectivity available in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra , Melbourne and Sydney . APANA runs a non-commercial network tht covers most of Australia offering members low cost access via UUCP, SLIP and PPP.

Vince Ruggiano would like to announce a home page that is a compendium of K12 Education Resources .

The OTIS (Operative Term Is Stimulate) on-line art gallery and collaborative project would like to announce that its web-structure is growing steadily with development of new SYNERGY collaborative art projects and weekly live collaboration meetings . Be sure to check out OTIS' involvement with Lollapalooza on the SYNERGY:LOLLA pages where your participation is more than welcome.

Maxwell Laboratories and Caltrans are pleased to announce that the real-time traffic information for San Diego , California, USA freeways via the Internet World Wide Web is fully functional. Current freeway speeds and flow rates, along with daily construction closures and updated freeway incident reports are now all available in both graphical and text formats. The information is updated once a minute.

Los Angeles, Orange County, Calif., and the southern part of Ventura County traffic information will be fully functional around mid-August.

Materials from "New Media for a New World" conference held in Moscow on July 27 - August 1, 1994 are available from Sovam Teleport's WWW server .

First Federal is now on the WWW offering Mortgage Loans. Whatever your financing needs, they are able to meet them through a variety of terms, rates, and payment plans.

Marcus Associates is now on the WWW offering to Purchase Your Used Computer and Communications Equipment. Contact them for details on how your used equipment can bring you money instead of collecting dust. Whatever your equipment, he will buy it from you, regardless if you are a corporation or individual.

Van Riper Editions is now on the WWW offering to make Single CDs from your music. If you have ever recorded your music group, or yourself, Van Riper Editions can produce high quality reproductions.

Career Resumes is now on the WWW offering their Resume Writing Service for individuals and for corporations. They create professional resumes and cover letters to get you noticed and hired. Corporations can also include their services in severence packages offered to employees.

Need an Expert? National Consulting Referrals now has a WWW page. They can find experts and consultants, in any profession, at no cost to you.

American Employment Weekly is now on the WWW offering their Help Wanted Newspaper. This newspaper is a "help wanted" tabloid containing 48 pages of help wanted advertisements in a variety of job categories including but not limited to data processing, accounting, engineering, technical, and secretarial.

The Law Offices of R. Edward Bates are now on the net to handle Veterans Disability Matters throughout the United States.

Thinking about vacationing in St. Lucia? Consider this vacation rental : 3 bedroom, 2 bath, kitchen, dining room, living room, and a porch with a spectacular view. Many ammenities are included in rental, even maid service and childcare.

Bonsai Boy of New York - Flowers Die, Try Something Different. Bonsai Trees can last forever! Bonsai Boy of NY offers four unique bonsais at great prices. Perfect for gifts or just to have around the house.

Muscovy Imports is now on the WWW offering fine contemporary Russian artwork, jewelry, oil paintings and the like. The artpieces are created by established artists as well as emerging young artists.

Gallery of Artists is now on the WWW displaying artwork created by "unknown" artists from around the world. Each week new artwork is presented. Come check it out.

Sweeps Vacuum & Repair Center sells the latest models of vacuum cleaners and services most brands. They offer the complete line of Miele vacuum cleaners, known worldwide for their reliability, power and ease of use. Reasonably priced, Miele vacuum cleaners are ready to help you finish those cleaning chores more quickly and easily. You may even look forward to cleaning!

The Warehouse is now on the WWW. They sell fine quality, 100% wool tuxedos at fantastic prices. 100% cotton formal shirts, bow tie & cummerbund sets also available. Perfect for the man who has more than one occassion to wear a tuxedo.

NOVA Videos from WGBH are now on the WWW. WGBH offers three different video sets from NOVA - the learning channel. "This Old Pyramid," "In Search of Human Origins, and "The Miracle of Life" are brilliantly produced films that capture the attention of the young and old. Discover the mysteries these videos hold.

New World Books is now presenting Books by Mail at Discount Prices. You can order any book listed in Books-In-Print on any subject, hardcover or paperback and save up to 30%.

Fabulous Flags from Ember'Glo Gifts now presents its 'Fabulous Flags' at 'fabulous prices' on the WWW. These are not your ordinary flags. Ember'Glo Gifts produce seasonal, holiday, and gift flags for all occasions. They can brighten your home and create a more festive holiday, or non-holiday!

Lazyciser - Fun and easy to use exercise device and program. Perfect gift for the avid computer user, or anyone who sits all day, getting no exercise! This can be a 'gag' gift, or can be seriously used. It really works...

Prepaid Telephone Calling Cards - Talk `N Toss offers prepaid telephone calling cards that save you money, prevent fraud, and can be used as a marketing and promotional device. These phone cards are created and customized for your company or organization. A definite must to improve and promote your sales and corporate image.

Simultaneous Wireless Interpretations offers their nation-wide reporting & convention coverage on the WWW. They have been in business over 50 years, and provide the top convention reporting, transcription, and translation. No job is too small or too large.

Stop Smoking in 5 Days HOW? Stop Smoking Center has a 98% success rate. See them now on the WWW. Discover how you too can be a non-smoker, even after all those years. Contact them today for a free consultation.

New Horizons is offering information on how to recover from bankruptcy and re-establish credit legally. They can give you that second chance. Guaranteed 100%, or your money back.

Janet L. Stimach, Inc. - Greater Seattle Area Real Estate . Consult this WWW site if you are moving to the Greater Seattle Area, interested in investment opportunities, or wanting to lease or purchase real estate. J. Stimach can handle all your real estate needs.

Digital Dynamics is now on the WWW offering CD-ROM Services including data conversion, hypertext indexing, multimedia conversion, CD-I development, and data archiving.

Computer T-Shirts from Elswear. Elswear is now on the WWW presenting their unique 100% cotton T-Shirts with computer logos , slogans, and graphics printed on the front and/or back. They have the shirts that say it all.

Flowers on Lexington is now on the WWW offering flower baskets, blooming plants, and rose vases to send as a gift or for any special occassion. Beautiful arrangements, and great prices.

Milne Jewelry Company - The Milne Jewelry Company is delighted to bring you its first on-line catalog of Southwestern jewelry. Perhaps nothing symbolizes our great American Southwest as beautifully as this exquisite jewelry handcrafted from genuine stones and sterling silver. Made of the earth, wind, sea, and blessed by the spirit of the gods, this jewelry is the ultimate gift, a gift that will be cherished forever.

Invent yourself at Beloit College. You can now discover the possibilities Beloit College, in Beloit Wisconsin, has to offer by stopping by our WWW page.

Grants is now on the WWW offering Formulas for Health. Try their line of Golden Pride/Rawleigh vitamins and health products.

Archway Press is another new addition to the WWW. They are promoting their collection of home plans - all construction tested. Over 500 styles to choose from, this 10 book collection helps you create your own affordable country home or farmhouse.

Marketing Masters WWW Resource has been established to help organizations and individuals meet the challenges of marketing products in a highly complex, competitive world. Articles, tips & resources from experts in marketing disciplines and industry will be offered. Initial articles and information in this resource include market research & competitive analysis and Building A Successful Software Business . Individuals and organizations interested in submitting articles or useful information can contact the editors: info@mmasters.com.

The Webfoot's National Used Car Lot is now open for business, with pointers to information about cars, car dealerships, and one local used car lot: The Webfoot's Silicon Valley Used Car Lot . This is a free service.

The University of Illinois is pleased to announce that a wealth of academic and administrative information about UIUC is now on-line. Courses catalog, timetable, calendar, scholarships, career information, libraries, faculty/staff/student home pages, student societies, research labs and papers, grant sponsors, awards information, and much more are all available.

The NASA Earth Observing System Interdisciplinary Science (EOS IDS) Volcanology Team is providing information about its recent activities and future plans for using satellite remote sensing to study volcanoes. A major component of NASA's Mission to Planet Earth, EOS consists of a series of satellites planned for launch starting in 1998 and spanning a period of least 15 years. The title of the Volcanology Team's investigation is: "A Global Assessment of Active Volcanism, Volcanic Hazards, and Volcanic Inputs to the Atmosphere from the Earth Observing System." The Principal Investigator is Pete Mouginis-Mark (University of Hawaii).

The Monroe Institute is pleased to announce the availability of its web server. This dynamic research and educational organization is dedicated to exploring the uses and understanding of human consciousness with its trademarked Hemi-Sync sound technology and learning systems.

Scott Perlstein's Book Essential Tennis is now on the WWW offering his personal techniques and strategies on how to improve and win your tennis games. With an extensive waiting list for his private lessons, he has written this book for those who just can't wait.

Protect Yourself from Crime. Jim Mantice presents his popular book BUG OFF! - an essential guide to protecting your life, home, and posessions.

Now on the WWW is the Treat of the Month Club for Cats and Dogs. Unique Concepts presents treat of the month club for your cat or dog. Each month a differently wrapped treat is mailed to your pet. Your best friend can now share in the fun of receiving a different fun treat, every month!

Forest Hill Vineyard is now on the WWW. Forest Hill Vineyard is one of the most distinguished California vineyards, producing their award winning chardonnay. Perfect for dinners, gifts, and to say 'congratulations' or 'I love you'.


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