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Webpage Design and Development, CPST-2400-10
with HTML5 and CSS3
Fall 2016

News - Week 12
Final Exam
Case Problem
Key Terms

Welcome to Week 12 -- Tutorial 9, Working with XHTML

The Case Problem assignment this week, Case Problem 4, Tutorial 9 is a WebSite named Maxwell Scientific. We will also complete Tutorial 9's Example WebSite, Wizard Works Fireworks. This is your final assignment. Take seriously your final chance to demonstrate the full scope of what you learned.
scope |skõp| noun, the extent of the subject matter that something deals with
or to which it is relevant, ... and/or ... the opportunity to deal with something.
For this last chance in our class, be serious.

When you complete Tutorial 9 you should
♦ understand the rules for creating valid XHTML
♦ understand DTD (document type definition)
♦ know how to apply a DTD
♦ know how to apply an XHTML namespace
♦ understand the relationship between HTML5 and XHTML
♦ understand transitional XHTML
♦ understand strict XHTML

Maxwell Scientific is Tutorial 9's Case Problem 4 WebSite. Make certain you understand the Grading Rubric. Read Case Problem carefully. Work hard.