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Key Terms - Tutorial 9
Case Problem

Glossary of Key Terms for Tutorial 9

attribute minimization An HTML syntax structure in which attributes lack attribute values.

CDATA. See unparsed character data

default namespace An XML attribute that indicates the default XML vocabulary for elements and attributes in a document.

document type definition (DTD) A collection of vocabulary rules for an XML document.

DTD. See document type definition

local namespace The namespace used for elements and attributes that don't belong to the default namespace; indicated by a namespace prefix.

namespace The memory space that contains each element or attribute from a particular XML vocabulary.

parsed character data Text that is processed by a browser or parser.

PCDATA. See Parsed character data

prolog The initial line of an XML document that indicates the document is written in XML.

SGML application A markup language based on the SGML architecture.

unparsed character data (CDATA) Text that is not processed by a browser or parser.

valid document A well-formed XML document that also obeys the features for the XML vocabulary it uses.

well-formed document An XML document that employs correct syntax.

XML parser A program that checks XML documents for errors in syntax and content.