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First day of class is Monday, May 22 2017.

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This page is under construction. This is a comprehensive, chronological, linked list of all course documents.
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Listed here are dates and links to details for all Assignments (with point values). Assignments start on Mondays and are due at 11:59 P.M. on the following Sunday.
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  • May 22 - Welcome to class

This begins the list of Weekly Assignments
All weekly assignments are listed below.
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    Final Exam Week 11
  • Jul 31 - Week 11 - Tutorial 8 - Enhancing a Web Site with Advanced CSS
    1. Graded Assignment (200 points) due 11:59PM, Sunday, Aug 6
      1. News
      2. Assignment - Tree and Book (example WebSite)
      3. Assignment - dessertWeb Redesigned
      4. Case Problem - dessertWeb Redesigned
    2. Other interesting documents
      1. Key Terms
      2. PowerPoint Slides
      3. WebSite Elements

  • Aug 7 - Last Chance - due 11:59 PM, Thursday, Aug 10
    1. Last chance to turn-in Assignment WebSites. Refer to our Syllabus for description of Grading, Evaluation, and Course Policies. There is a penalty for turning Assignments in late. At this point if you have not completed all assignments and feel you still need more time, your ONLY recourse is to request a grade of Incomplete by sending instructor (gnorth@tulane.edu) eMail. Before doing this you should consult your Academic Advisor to be certain you understand your responsibilities when requesting a grade of Incomplete.

  • Aug 10 - Yahoo
    1. see Syllabus

  • Sep 10 - Last day to makeup Incomplete Grades

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Total point value of all Assignments is 710.
As per our Syllabus, your
Letter Grading is determined by :

to %
A 729 810 90% or better
B 648 728 80% or better
C 567 647 70% or better
D 486 566 60% or better
F 0 485 below 60%

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