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Main Search Engines

Other Search Engines
InfoSeek Find what you want on the Web and more ...
SiteZ Find a web site--even if you don't know its name ...
AltaVista The only search engine here that looks at every word in a web page.
Apple Search Search Apple Computer's Web sites ...
IBM InfoMarket Many options ... many catagories ...
Aliweb A small search engine which uses special site index files for better quality results
FTP Search A search engine dedicated to finding files on FTP sites.
OpenText An excellent search engine with a lot of documents and Boolean capabilities
WebCrawler A medium sized search engine which is very fast

Internet Directories
Argus Clearinghouse A much smaller Internet directory, with links only to other guides (and not specific sites)
Free Internet Encyclopedia An Internet Directory with a twist: it's organized like an encyclopedia
Yahoo The largest, and by far the best, Internet directory with links to about 150,000 unique web sites