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Louisiana Selected Man
the Oral History of a World War II veteran
Master Sergeant George J. North
Serial # 34150653

by George J. North, Jr.

SouthernPacific_ferry_3 My dad is 80,November 15, 1997

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See the Commendations awarded for his service during World War II

88th Infantry Division, 351st. Infantry Regiment -- my Father's Division


  • "BW" my Team ... before War
  • my Home Town ...
  • Earl, 31st Infantry Division -- "Dixie", 124th Infantry Regiment
  • Germans
  • Map of Europe
  • German Post Card, circa 1940
  • Another Post Card, circa 1940
  • German Army artifacts
  • Coins from Germany, Italy, and England
  • PW Dog Tags, Stalag VII/A
  • Stalag VII/A in the German Town of Moosburg
  • War Ration Book No. 1
  • War Ration Book No. 2
  • War Ration Book No. 3
  • War Ration Book Article
  • US Army Artifacts
  • Official Correspondence
  • Dad's Friends
  • Mom's Friends
  • Pamela Carter, my Mom finds out that my Dad is a POW
  • Civil Service, 1944
  • Chrsitmas Dinner 1941
  • Camp Croft Home Page
  • Camp Croft Buildings
  • Camp Newspaper
  • Camp Croft pillow ... a gift to my Mother
  • Promotions Paperwork
  • Grandson of George, this is Taylor's essay!
  • A fun trip
  • More Fun
  • Camp Blanding ID Card
  • Post Cards of Florida just before shipping out.
  • Wartime Meals
  • Personal Correspondence
  • Prisoneers of War Bulletin
  • My Dad
  • My Dad playing golf?
  • A true story-- that took fifty-two years to tell
  • My Mom's Mother
  • see also "A Most Memorable Christmas," by Gene DuVall